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We left Tokyo early in the morning and took a shinkansen to Kyoto.  Armed with our guide book, we followed the map and began our walk to Kiyomizudera, passing by  small shrines along the way.


The walk was very long but scenic.  Kyoto was a picturesque city with much to see along the way.


We were very happy to finally arrive at Kiyomizudera!


After visiting Kiyomizudera and the row of souvenir shops in front of it, we continued our walk to Heian Jingu Shrine.


I had my first taste of Japan’s spring water!


After feeling refreshed by the spring water, we continued our walk to Nishijin Textile Centre.


We decided we have walked enough for the day, and took a bus back to Kyoto station.


We took a shinkansen to Osaka, and visited Dotonbori.


Osaka is the ‘town of Takoyaki’ and I LOVE takoyaki.  There were many takoyaki stalls and souvenir shops available.


Of course, we tried the takoyaki here.  It was very different from takoyaki in Singapore.  Takoyaki in Japan is kind of hollow in the middle, and sinks in when it cools down, unlike the Singapore version that is a ball of flour that wouldn’t sink in.  I very much preferred the takoyaki in Japan – I don’t think I would eat takoyaki in Singapore after this!


After eating, we spent the night at Shin-Osaka Station hotel, which was a stone’s throw away from Shin-Osaka station.

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  1. Linda says:

    Hi BBM,

    We went to Hokkaido on jan 2016 & really enjoyed it, thanks to your blog & patience answering my questions.

    We are going to Osaka & Tokyo on Jan 2017. We are 3 adults & 2 kids (10 yos girl & 6 yos boy). Arriving in Kansai on Jan 1 at 8.15 am, departing from Haneda on Jan 11 at 11.45 am. This will be the second time for us to Osaka & Tokyo (first one was in Nov 2005 with a group tour), but the first time for the kids. Can you please help me arrange our itinerary? We would like to go:

    1. Osaka aquarium
    2. Lego discovery center osaka
    3. Universal studio
    4. Abeno tennoji illuminage.

    1. Nakamise shopping street
    2. Tokyo Fire Museum
    3. Sanrio Puroland
    4. Shinjuku
    5. Ginza
    6. Shibuya
    7. Harajuku
    8. Disneyland
    9. Disneysea
    10. Karuizawa (I have never been here. Heard from a friend that it is a really nice town. And it has an outlet mall!)

    1. We dont like to change hotels so we would like just to stay at 1 hotel at Osaka & 1 hotel at Tokyo. And we also dont want to drive. Can you pls recommend hotels or apartments that have easy access to the places I want to visit & also from/to the airports? At first, I want to stay at one of the disney hotels for the 2 last nights in Tokyo, but now am thingking probably will stay at the same hotel in city area since my mom will not join us to disney. This way she can still see see look look around the hotel. But I am also worry about the time that we need to go from city area to disney. Worry that we will not have enough time to play at disney. What do u suggest?

    2. Is it better to use train or plane from Osaka to Tokyo?

    3. According to the itinerary, do you think we need to buy a train pass or subway card?

    4. We would like to go to outlet mall. Still confused whether to go to Gotemba or Karuizawa one. Will choose whichever nearer to our hotel in Tokyo. Which one do you think the closest one?


    • bumblebeemum says:

      1. For Tokyo Hotel, you can consider staying at a Tokyo Disney Resort Good Neighbor Hotel such as Keio Plaza Hotel. The hotel is in Shinjuku at the heart of central Tokyo, and as a good neighbour hotel, they offer free shuttle to Tokyo Disney Resort.

      You can find other Good Neighbour hotels here:

      2. It is better to use the train (shinkansen).

      3. If it’s just a single-trip from Osaka to Tokyo, you won’t need a rail pass. Just get a single trip ticket.

      For within the cities, I prefer to get a pre-paid card like our Singapore’s EZ-link card for convenience:
      If you buy in Osaka, you will get an Icoca. If you buy in Tokyo, you will get a Suica. But they can be used interchangeably. Just tap it at the gantry when you enter and exit the station.

      4. The nearest outlet mall in Tokyo should be the one in Odaiba Venus Fort:

      A possible itinerary would be:

      Day 1: Arrive KIX
      Day 2: Osaka Aquarium
      Day 3: Universal Studios Japan
      Day 4: Legoland Osaka + illumination
      Day 5: Osaka – Tokyo, check in hotel in Shinjuku. Explore Shinjuku.
      Day 6: Sanrio Puroland
      Day 7: Tokyo Fire Museum, Shibuya, Harajuku.
      Day 8: Asakusa, Nakamise shopping street, from there take the Tokyo Bay cruise to Odaiba. Visit the outlet at Venus Fort.
      Day 9: Disneyland
      Day 10: Disneysea
      Day 11: Flight back

  2. Linda says:

    Sorry I forgot to write I also would like to visit Kuromon Ichiba market in Osaka & Tokyo Metro Government Building. Thanks.

  3. Linda says:

    Hi again BBM,

    I think we will pass Sanrio Puroland. Just checked with my daughter & she is not that eager to go.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Tokyo metopolitan government building is in Shinjuku, so you can visit it while you are in Shinjuku. If you are not going Sanrio Puroland anymore, you can shift 1 night from Tokyo to Osaka so that you have an extra day in Osaka to visit Kuromon Ichiba and other general sights in Osaka.

      • Linda says:

        Thank you for your reply BBM!

        We are planning to stay 3 nights in Osaka, then 7 nights in Tokyo. Do you think it will be difficult to buy shinkansen tickets on Jan 4? Should we buy online or can we just buy on the spot at the trian station? I am worry because it is New Year.

        Thank you.

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