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We started the morning with a visit to the Imperial Palace.  The last time I visited, we only walked around the palace and did not go inside.  This time round, we booked our visit online and joined a guided tour of the palace grounds.

imperial palace 1imperial palace 2

Ah well.. the tour was pretty slow and boring.  After the tour, we went to Pokemon Centre because one of our travel companions was a huge Pokemon fan.

pokemon centreacxcxa


After he was done with his Pokemon shopping, we went manga shopping at Jump Shop at Tokyo Dome.  Being a fan of Prince of Tennis, I found Jump Shop pretty cool!

tokyo dome 3

Tokyo Dome itself was pretty cool, it had an amusement park with roller coaster, vertical drop etc.

tokyo dome 1tokyo dome 4


It was a day of anime/manga shopping, and we visited Animate main store at Ikebukuro next.

After a whole day of shopping, we ended with a visit to Tokyo Tower.

tokyo tower 1tokyo tower 2tokyo tower 3

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