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In March 2008, my bff and I went to Tokyo for a short girly getaway. I am writing this in 2014 and back-dating it, and I frankly cannot remember much of what we did (other than eating a lot of sweets and ice-cream).


The only things I do remember were the place we stayed in (Khaosan Tokyo Original) and ume viewing.

We stayed at Khaosan Tokyo Original at Asakusa.  I love staying at Asakusa because the lodgings in the area is relatively cheaper compared to the rest of Tokyo, and the food and shopping are also cheaper. It also houses the Asakusa Kannon Temple, which is one of my favourite places to visit in Tokyo.


Khaosan Tokyo Original was a great hostel which I would highly recommend if you are looking for budget accommodation in Tokyo.  It was so near Asakusa station (just a minute’s walk), and despite such good location, the rate was very reasonable (2500 yen per pax per night for a private twin room). From the rooftop of Khaosan Tokyo Original, we could get a free ‘observatory’ view of the vicinity.



At Asakusa, I always dine at Maguro Bito, a conveyor belt sushi restaurant located at Shin-Nakamise (the sheltered shopping street perpendicular to Asakusa Kannon Temple).


Asakusa is also a short train ride along the Ginza line to Ueno, where we went to see ume (Japanese plum tree) at Ueno Park, a popular spot for flower-viewing especially during sakura season.


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