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My boy and I love going to Fidgets at Turf City.  Why do we love it there?

  • It’s free for babies below 1 year old
  • There’s free shuttle bus from Toa Payoh and Clementi MRT station
  • There is a nursing room within Fidgets itself
  • There is a playpen inside the toilet to leave your baby when nature calls
  • The play area for babies and toddlers below 2 is separated from the area for older kids (though many kids do not obey this rule and the staff do not enforce it, so do stay close to your babies if you do not want kids trampling over them.)
Okay, anyway… Here are some photos of my almost 7-month old boy enjoying himself at Fidgets:
Wanna bring your baby there? Here are some tips:
  • If possible, avoid weekends.
  • On weekdays, the place is packed during lunchtime.  The best time to go is about 1.30-2pm, after the lunch crowd leaves.
  • Remember to bring socks for your kids and yourself.  Everyone (adults, kids, babies) need socks to enter.
  • Sign up for the FREE membership when you arrive.  It saves you the trouble of filling in the lengthy form every time you go, and it gives you 10% discount for the cafe.
Directions (from Toa Payoh)
  • The shuttle bus from Toa Payoh leaves the bus interchange from Berth E2 every 30min (on the hour and half hour).  It is VERY punctual, so you can time your visit properly.
  • To get to Fidgets, after getting off the shuttle bus, walk straight through the mall.  Look for the exit on the right just before reaching Giant, and exit the mall.  Follow the tentage and go up the stairs that are flanged by ‘Fidgets’ banners (or the shop called Magic Boo).  Take the escalator up and you have arrived at Fidgets.
Play area for babies under 2:
Play area for kids under 4:
Play area for older kids:
Sofa area for parents (with TV monitors to observe children’s play area):
Cafe area right next to babies’ play area, so that you can relax and have your meal while your baby is playing:
Nursing Room:

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  6. dean says:

    hi, thank you for writing such a nice blog, with lots of information and pictures!
    may i know which other indoor playgrounds do you recommend for babies below 1 year old? my baby is 10 months and i would like to bring him to an indoor playground to see if he likes it.. 🙂

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hi, I apologize for only replying now. I just shifted my blog out of wordpress.com to my personal domain and this comment only appeared after I did that!

      Your baby should be almost 2 years old by now! I hope you managed to find some great places to bring him to over the past year. But to answer your question anyway (in case other readers would like to know), I usually recommend Hokey Pokey for babies and toddlers.

  7. […] to go to Royce Kids Gym where there are nicer toys.. Or somewhere that is free for babies, like Fidgets, Peek-a-boo or Go Go Bambini. But if I am in the vicinity for a meal, I may just pop in for an hour […]

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