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A fellow mummy recently brought her toddler to Art Garden 2011 @ Singapore Art Museum.  I was so intrigued by the photos that I decided to bring MF there, although he is probably too young to participate in the interactive displays.  But no harm exposing him to some visual stimulation right?

Singapore museums are having free entry for the month of August, so we seized the opportunity to visit the Art Garden for FREE!

You can view the website for information about the various interactive displays, I shall not elaborate.. My favourite is ‘GO’, it’s super tiring, building the display while carrying MF in the Manduca, but we are quite proud of our final work (although most people can’t figure out what we’re making.. haha.. Some say it looks like Pikachu!)

Well… I can only say… it’s ART. 🙂

We arrived there at 4pm, thinking 2 hours would be enough (we had a dinner appointment at 6.30pm).. But how wrong we were! Just creating our art piece at the ‘GO’ section (plus waiting time) took us more than an hour! So if you are planning a trip there, here’s my advice:

  • Go on a weekday afternoon where there’s nobody around so that you can create your art work at ‘GO’.  The waiting time for each art work is AT LEAST 30 min, so if there’s just 2 people before you, it’s already a one-hour wait!
  • Allocate the whole afternoon to allow your child ample time to play with the interactive displays.
  • If you want to visit for free and missed the free entry for August, visit on Fridays 6-9pm.  Admission to SAM is free during that time!
Oh, and did I mention? There’s actually a nursing room at SAM!! It’s just a makeshift cubicle hidden inside the tech room, but still, better than nothing!

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