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(Updated May 2016)

While I haven’t had the chance to check if there is a nursing room at Singapore Art Museum’s main building, they do have a nursing area at their annex building, SAM at 8Q.  This is the venue of Imaginarium, Singapore Art Museum’s annual event for children.

Imaginarium 2016 - Singapore Art Museum - Blog Review 01


The nursing room at SAM at 8Q was located on level 2.  After you go up the stairs, turn right and look for the baby changing sign and walk down the corridor.

Singapore Art Museum Nursing Room Review 01


What they had here was not really a nursing room.  They converted the empty corridor to sort of a nursing area.

Singapore Art Museum Nursing Room Review 02

There are two ‘cubicle’ for nursing, separated by curtains.  Within each ‘cubicle’ is a sofa and a diaper-changing table.

Singapore Art Museum Nursing Room Review 03

Not the most glam nursing room around, but better than nothing. At least they tried.

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