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Where: Basement 3, Level 1 and Level 5, near the toilets.

Seperation: Private nursing cubicles are seperated from the diaper-changing area by curtains.

Cleanliness: (updated 3 Oct 2011) I used to rate 313 @ Somerset’s nursing room 5-stars.. But in my 3 most recent visits, I noticed baby cockroaches in the nursing rooms on B3 and L5! Three encounters are way too many… Really hope they figure out where the cockroaches are coming from and get rid of them!

Beauty: Nice and hotel-like.  The ones at Basement 3 and Level 5 are more spacious compared to the one at Level 1.  There is a huge waiting area outside the nursing cubicles with a long bench.

Each level has a different designed diaper-changing mat, and MF absolutely loves the cute animal design ones on Level 5.

The nursing cubicles in Basement 3 and Level 5 are very spacious.  There is lots of space for your stroller and an additional bench to put your belongings or for your companions to take a seat inside.

The nursing cubicles on Level 1 are smaller with only a single sofa inside.

Water dispenser: Hot and cold water dispenser available.

Power point: I only saw a power point in one of the nursing cubicle on Level 1 (the one nearer the entrance), did not see any power point in other nursing cubicles.

Additional feature: At Basement 3 and Level 5, you can find a microwave.. How thoughtful!

Within the Basement 3 nursing room, there is an adult-cum-child toilet:

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  2. Nat says:

    Hi, thanks for the very helpful posts. Just to update you, the microwave at Level 5 has been removed (not sure about other levels as I only use the Level 5 one). I think it was faulty cos the few times I went last yr, it kept turning on by itself even when empty! Bizarre… Anyway, the cleanliness has improved. I didn’t notice any cockroaches or bugs.

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  4. BB Goh says:

    Hi! I went to L5 today (25 Sept 2015) and found doors instead curtains for the nursing rooms. However, there is no power point in the nursing rooms.

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