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I am surprised that Orchard Central actually has a nursing room! But the funny thing is… There is no diaper-changing station!  Hmmmm…. Well, Orchard Central has always struck me as a strange mall with strange layout.. I guess with a strange management like this, I’m not all that surprised they built a nursing room but did not install diaper-changing tables.  Anyway the nursing room is really just a small room with a cushioned bench for you to sit to nurse, no ammenities whatsoever.  Its neighbouring malls, 313 @ Somerset and Centrepoint have much better baby care rooms.

Where: Level 7, just outside the female toilet.  (It is a little inconspicuous.  Look out for the sliding door with the child seat sign)

Seperation: Sliding door with lock, but if you notice in the picture above, the lock was spoilt when I was there.

Cleanliness: Good

Beauty: Very dim and bare.

Water dispenser: None

Power point: None

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  1. Graeme says:

    Eh? Whats the thing that looks like a tap if not a water dispenser??

    Why would you need a powerpoint for breast feeding??

  2. Clarise says:

    I wanted to use the nursin room today to express and the lock is still spoilt! What lousy management they have for orchard central.

  3. Chris says:

    The lock is still spoilt as of 13th May 2016. Seriously the management is not looking into fixing it?

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