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Where: On both level 1 and level 2, there are nursing rooms near some of the toilets.

Seperation: The nursing sofa is not seperated from the diaper-changing area, but the whole diaper-changing room can be locked.

Cleanliness: Good in general.  Some of the nursing rooms are larger than others.  For the larger ones, the nursing sofa is a distance from the diaper changing area, and I find these more hygienic.  For the smaller ones, the nursing sofa is right next to the diaper changing area (and bin).

Beauty: Great effort has been put in to decorate the nursing rooms beautifully and every nursing room has a unique decor, from the wallpaper to paintings on the ceiling. The sofa for nursing is also very comfortable and large enough for two people, so daddy can take a rest there while waiting.


Power point: Available, above the nursing sofa.

Water dispenser: None

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  1. Priscilla says:

    Hi! Just wanna say I appreciate very much your efforts in sharing with us nursing mums all the nursing rooms in shopping malls in SG 🙂 I always refer to your guide when I’m out with my precious. Thank you!!

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