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I am not sure if I consider the nursing room at Iluma a real nursing room.. It is a diaper-changing room and there is a bench for nursing mums to sit.. There is a door and it can be locked.. but the door has a see-through panel, so it is not private at all! I just don’t get it.. Anyway, here are the details:

Where: On almost every floor, near the toilets

Seperation: The nursing bench is not seperated from the diaper-changing room, but the room can be locked.  However, the see-through glass panel means people can look right in even if it’s locked.

Cleanliness: Not fantastic.. Considering the number of people who actually visit Iluma, I expected it to be a bit cleaner..

Beauty: Simple room with basic ammenites, not very big.  If you have a big stroller, you may not be able to close the door after pushing your stroller in.

Water dispenser: None

Power point: None

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