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Where: Level 2, near the toilets / food court

Seperation: The bench for nursing is not seperated from the diaper-changing area, but the whole room can be locked.  However, the room is extremely huge and chances are there are many people inside waiting to use the ONE diaper-changing mat available (or just changing diapers on the bench), especially if you are there on a weekend.  So bring a nursing shawl with you.

Cleanliness: Bad.. I don’t think anybody empties the bin and it stinks, and I spotted tiny cockroaches around the bin.  However, since the room is so big, I usually sit at the end far away from the bin to nurse.

Beauty: Looks more like a toilet than a baby care room.. Just one long bench, a diaper-changing mat and sink.  Unless I’m absolutely desperate, I don’t usually nurse my baby here.  I try to make sure he is very well-fed before heading to Giant to get the groceries.


Power Point: None

Water dispenser: None


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