Playground @ Marina Square

The children’s playground of Marina Square is located on Level 3, near all the shops selling kids stuff (Kiddy Palace, Mothercare etc.) and The Little Gym is. It is air-conditioned.

To start of, here are some photos of the playground:

So what is there for a 8.5 month old baby to do here? Well… MF started by making a dash across the floor to check out the surroundings. After being cooped in a carrier for hours (while mummy does her shopping), he’s just relieved to be let out.. If you have a crawling baby, make sure you prepare socks, because the floor is a bit rough. (Once I allowed MF to crawl on a floor like this without socks, he ended up with abrasions.)

Practicing his stand.. (PS: This structure is a bit wobbly and MF fell and knocked his head.. -_-)

Playgrounds are great places to make new friends! MF was so excited to see a baby girl younger than him.. Look at him trying to chat her up!

Later on, he decided to climb onto the car to do some driving.. But he got distracted by the yellow knob at the side.. Not sure what’s so fun about it, but he played with the knob for a good whole 15 minutes:

When he was finally done playing with the knob, he was ready to give mummy a ride!

Someone else came along and wanted to play… So I moved MF to the back to be a passenger:

Simple things like these kept MF occupied for an hour! Allowed me to take a good break from my shopping before heading for dinner. There are benches at the side for parents to rest. MF was the only kid there on a weekday afternoon, but as it got later, more kids starting the come… And on weekends, the playground can get really crowded.

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