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The Petite Park recently opened at the spanking new Changi City Point, located next to Expo MRT. Although it is very near the MRT, it is still a hassle to get there from Yishun, so I went there on a weekend with hubby via car.

First impression of the place: it is indeed petite… The playground is really small. But still, it is packed with enough things to keep MF occupied for a good two hours.

To summarise, the place is SingKids meet Royce.

There is a small section for pretend play, filled with lots of toys like Thomas the Train and kitchen sets, pretty much a scaled-down Royce.






Then there’s the active play section which basically screams SingKids, though the equipment here feels flimsier and like a cheap imitation.. I wonder if they have the proper copyright, sure hope so!









Last but not least, MF’s all-time favourite.. Ball pit! The ball pit colour scheme totally reminds me of eXplorer Kid, but BIGGER!


After going to so many indoor playgrounds, you feel like you’ve kinda seen them all… Overall I felt Petite park lacks originality.. It’s just puts together elements from different playgrounds, and prices themselves just like Singkids, $18 for non-member, $14 if you get their package. I doubt I would travel all the way from Yishun just to play here, since there’s nothing here that I can’t find elsewhere.. But the good thing is that it’s not too crowded, even on a weekend. 🙂

For up-to-date information on The Petite Park’s location, opening hours and play rates, please visit their official website.

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