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Was reading  “Toddler Mall Trips” on What to Expect, shall share my own experience when it comes to shopping with MF!

This is what they suggest:

1) Team up

Besides quick grocery shoppings, I usually do other kinds of shoppings with a friend.. Although I prefer going with a non-mummy friend (who can tolerate kids) rather than another mummy friend.. 2 adults with 1 kid is easier than 2 adults with 2 kids.  I’m lucky, because my bff loves MF and she’s more than willing to help me look after him while I go into the dressing room to try clothes.

2) Bring a good stroller

This advice is great if you drive or take the MRT.. But if you have to take bus, or you live in those old HDB flats like me that do not have lifts to our flat and need to climb flights to stairs to go out, bringing a good sturdy stroller is a tad challenging.  You can do what I always do.. Bring your kid out with a baby carrier and go to a shopping mall with a stroller rental service.

3) Break up toddler mall trip

Yup, I always do that.  That’s why I love visiting malls with playgrounds and started this blog to share where the good places are. 🙂

4) Find 15 min of fun

They actually recommend spending 15 min in a book shop?! You’re so kidding me! MF in a book shop or library is a nightmare! He will go and sweep all the books off the racks! As for stores with playground-like ammenities or put out display set toys for kids to play with, I can think of Baby Baby (they have a ball pit in their shops), ELC, Toys R Us, Kiddy Palace and major department stores’ children department.

5) Find the right shopping time

This one really depends on how cooperative your child is and how well they stick to routines.

6) Skip the big sales

Yes, I agree. I do not want to repeat my experience going to the Popular sale at Expo alone with MF.  I ended up buying NOTHING. Serious.. My friends all spent $100 / $200 coz all the books there were so cheap and good, but I bought nothing.  MF was screaming away in the stroller (because he was stuck inside for 1 hour all the way from Yishun to Expo), by the time he reached there, he just wanted to get out.. And once he got out, NO WAY I could shop coz he was running all over the place and I had to follow him closely so that I didn’t lose him in the crowd.. Gosh, what an experience. Especially with the recent kidnapping scare, I am so staying away from big sales and crowds.

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