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During my first visit to Singkids at Vivocity, I spent most of the time in the toddler’s area and didn’t have time to explore the large playground structure.  On my next visit, I brought MF there to try it out!  Anyway this was back in November when MF was just 11 months old.

It begins by climbing up these steps that MF was already a pro at by then:


Once you reach the top, you either go through a tunnel, or there is another alternative path parallel to it.


At the end of the tunnel, there is this steering wheel toy that tumbles the balls around like in a washing machine.  MF loves anything with steering wheels, so he had a bit of fun here, with an awesome view of the playground downstairs.


Once he had enough, he tumbled out of the tunnel and went to his next favourite part of every playground: the slide.


I forgot to mention, this structure has a sea / marine theme, so it’s decorated with colourful pictures of fishes throughout.  And there is also a boat that tilts from side to side, pretty good for training MF’s balance!


On the first storey of the structure are some typical playground obstacle courses, but none of which quite suitable for MF.


There is a corner for parents to rest next to the play structure.  The first time I was there, I totally didn’t see this corner as it is kinda hidden by the gigantic bear.. It was only when I brought MF to play with the structure that I saw it.  


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