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Where: There is a nursing room within Children’s Emergency and one at the entrance to Ward 82 (Women’s Tower). Being a children’s hospital, I suspect there are probably a couple more scattered around the hospital that I haven’t come across.. If you know where they are, do leave a comment to share with everyone else. 🙂

Separation: Nursing cubicles are separated by curtains.

Cleanliness: Good

Beauty: I can’t remember much of the one at Children’s Emergency.. Used it waayyyy long ago.. If I ever go there again (though I really hope not to!), shall remember to take some photos. :p

The one at Ward 82 (where I recently went visiting) has two nursing areas, each with a desk and two sofas, separated by the typical hospital curtains.



Power point: there is a power point at the nursing room at Ward 82.

Water dispenser: none at the nursing room at Ward 82.

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  1. Hui Ling says:

    There’s one behind private children’s clinic, Children’s Tower level 1. 2 cubicles with power point.

  2. Hana says:

    There’s 3 cubicles at Women’s Tower at specialist clinic level 1 besides Wang Cafe.

  3. Raihan says:

    Thank you for sharing the availability of nursing room in KK hospital. Now I need to figure out where to store these precious bottles since I m gonna be here for couple of days🤔

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