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I was surfing Kidz Amaze’s website just now and saw that the Toa Payoh branch is opening today!! Safra Toa Payoh has been closed for renovation for the longest time ever.. So glad it has opened at last! Hooray for us living in the North, one more indoor playground in our vicinity to visit! 🙂


The play rates are as follows:

kidz amaze play ratekidz amaze tpy

I was told by the staff at the Jurong branch that the Toa Payoh branch is more suitable for toddlers, whereas Jurong is better for older children. Because of that, there is a separate play rate for the Toddler play zone, as shown in the table above. Do note that the Toddler play zone is currently not open yet. According to their website, it is opening on 17 Nov.

Can’t wait to visit Kidz Amaze at Toa Payoh.. Sounds awesome!

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