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Update: Canopy Playground has been closed permanently.

Canopy playground is a small play area located at Terminal 1 of Changi Airport, Level 3, where the viewing gallery is.

And when I say small, it is really quite small. As you can see from the photo below, that is all there is to it.

It costs $6 per child for 30 minutes of play time.  However, if you spend $50 in a single receipt at any outlet in Changi Airport (or $30 in a single receipt if you are a Changi Rewards member), you get one complimentary entry (i.e. entry for 1 kid for 30 minutes.)

We didn’t spend enough for MF to get free entry on the day we were there, and the playground doesn’t look like it’s worth paying $6 for, so I just went around the perimeter to take some photos of the play area.

Although small, it has all the basic elements of an indoor playground: Tunnels, bridges, obstacles, slides and a trampoline.  MF was so disappointed that he didn’t get to go in! So we took a sky train to Terminal 3 to let him play at the free playground there. Next time I’m here, I must make sure our dining bill hits $30 so that he can go in and play for free.

Tip: If you spent more than $30 but less than $50 and you’re not a Changi Rewards member yet, there is currently a counter at basement 2 of Terminal 3 where you can sign up and get your membership card on the spot.

For up-to-date information on Canopy playground’s opening hours and play rates, please visit their official website.

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