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Last week when I visited Tickle Tickle (you can read about my visit on this post), I stayed at the playground through lunch time because their silly no re-entry rule did not allow me to go out for lunch and come back again. But I was still pretty happy with the service because they provided me a cup and spoon to feed MF his porridge.

Today, I sent my car for servicing at nearby Leng Kee and decided to bring MF to Tickle Tickle again while waiting for the car. When I asked for a cup during lunch time, they told me they are selling it for 50 cents!! 50 freaking cents for an empty paper cup!! And because of my experience last week, I didn’t know they were charging for cups, so I didn’t bring my own bowl and spoon out with me today.

I’m so annoyed by how calculative they are.. At Hokey Pokey, I can get cups, hot water, spoon, milk etc for free and served with a smile. And at playgrounds with cafe, they are always ready to provide plastic utensils for use at no charge, even if you don’t buy from them. I’m so used to having such service at indoor playgrounds that I frequent, I’m just shocked at being asked to pay 50 cents for a paper cup.

And you know what? I don’t think I’m coming back. To me, visiting an indoor playground needs to be convenient. Basic amenities (hot water, diaper-changing facility, utensils) should be readily available.. If they are not, it deters me from returning. And unfortunately, Tickle Tickle does not provide any of the above.

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  1. Angel says:

    Thats my son , Ashton (Blue shirt) with your son at Tickle tickle. Didn’t realise you were there. :)

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