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Update: Canopy Playground has been closed permanently.

In my previous post about Canopy Playground, I wasn’t able to show any photos taken from the inside of the playground because we didn’t meet the minimum spending to let MF play there.  However, due to the recent Angry Birds promotion at Changi Airport, we have been going there and spending quite a bit, so MF has become a regular of Canopy Playground! Here are some photos of MF enjoying himself there.

There is a trampoline for kids to jump around.  Only 4 kids are allowed on the trampoline at any one time, but because I’m usually there on weekdays where it’s pretty quiet, I have never encountered more than 4 kids in the whole playground before.

trampoline 1trampoline 2

Here is MF having fun at the two slides in the playground:

slide 1slide 2_1

And some of the obstacle courses:

IMG_4225IMG_4235 copyP1060857 copy

At 23 months, MF moves through all the obstacles at ease and at lightning speed! The only place he needs my help is at the steps nearest the entrance of the playground (on the right side in the photo below).  It is too high for him to climb up by himself.

slide 2_2

Other than that, the whole playground is great for young toddlers and they should be able to play independently.  It is also located very near the toilets and a baby care room which makes it very convenient.  And since the playground is located at the viewing gallery, kids can also catch a view of airplanes taking off and landing from the playground. (MF would stop once in a while and glance out of the playground’s second level and watch the airplanes.)


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