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At 36 weeks and 2 days gestation, MY decided to come out and greet the world!

The date was 11 Jan 2013.

At 2 am..

Woke up with a dull tummy ache.. Went to poo twice, couldn’t go back to sleep.. Decided to do some blogging.


Cramps won’t go away.. Went to pack my hospital bag. (Talk about being last minute!)


Decided to lie down and see if the cramps were coming at regular intervals. Realized they came every 7 min, right on the dot! Went to wash up and get changed to go hospital.


Hubby woke up for work.. Told him I’m in labour and get me to the hospital.


Finally arrived at hospital.. Got ushered to the birth room immediately, didn’t have to go to the observation room this time.

Nurse: When is your edd?
Me: 6 Feb
Nurse: 6 Feb?? You’re early!! Are you sure it’s 6 Feb, not 6 Jan?
Me: Yes. 6 Feb.
Nurse: You’re 36 weeks and 2 days only.
Me: I know. My first one also came out at 36 weeks.
Nurse: Ah.. Okay.

Nurse checked my dilation, I thought I heard her say 6cm, but hubby said he heard 8cm. Whatever.. I was in lots of pain by then!

Nurse: Do you want epidural or would you like to try natural delivery?
Me: Yes, I want epidural!
Nurse: The labour is going to be very fast you know, you sure you still want epidural?
Me: YES!!!

Almost immediately, consent form and anesthetist arrived. Relief!! But not before they jabbed me in the butt with a medication that is supposed to help open up baby’s lungs. Was told that the medication needs at least 6 hours to take effect, so I got to wait..

Well.. At least I learnt something. Apparently as long as you don’t push, the baby can stay inside for very long and won’t come out, even when you are fully dilated.



Gynae finally arrives.

Gynae: We gave you medication to help open the baby’s lungs. We can start delivery at 1pm, but the longer we wait, the more baby will benefit from the medication. You want to wait longer?
Me: No? My back aching like crazy from lying still for so many hours and I’m starving.
Gynae: okay.. Then we will start pushing at 1pm.. I’ll come back later.
Hubby: come back on time okay? We want to aim for baby to come out at 1.11pm.. 11/1, 1.11pm.
Gynae: *lol* okay, we try.

Nurse: do you want us to lower the epidural so that you can feel the contraction? It’ll be easier to push.
Me: NO!! It’s okay, last time my first child, I was totally numb and still managed to get him out in 2 pushes.
Nurse: *satisfied with my answer* okay.


Nurses finally done preparing me for delivery. We started pushing.


All hopes of having a 1.11pm baby dashed.. MY being very uncooperative.. Every time I stop pushing, he goes back in. 🙁


Gynae: (to hubby) Eh, where’s your camera? Quick take photo of the clock!
Hubby: huh? What? *looks down and realizes baby’s head is out!* *grabs camera and starts taking photos*


And that.. Is the birth story of MY. Nothing particularly eventful, even sort of boring for me. But this time round, I was pretty brave and wore my spectacles so that I could see the delivery process (and even watch the gynae stitch me up.. Eeps!) When I delivered MF, everything was a blur. Delivery is actually kind of fun.. When you are on epidural and not in pain of course.

And this is us, immediately after delivery, taken by the midwife in the delivery ward. 🙂


And we were presented with a ‘trophy’.. MY is officially a dragon!


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