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Where: Inside the Malaysia Food Street next to Universal Studios, beside the toilets.  At the Forum, beside the male toilets on both floors.

Nursing Room at Malaysia Food Street

Separation: the nursing room is separated from the diaper changing room by a door with lock. However, there is a see-through window on the door. If you sit on the sofa near the corner, you can’t be seen through the window, but if it bothers you, bring a nursing shawl. You can also lock the whole diaper-changing room, but i don’t advise that because others won’t be able to use the diaper-changing area while you are nursing.


Cleanliness: good

Beauty: the nursing room is spacious with two sofas and a table and lots of room for your stroller. It is also decorate with pretty wallpaper.



There is one diaper changing mat in the diaper-changing area.


Power point: none

Water dispenser: none

Nursing Room at The Forum

Separation: The nursing room is separated from the diaper changing room by a door with lock. There is no sign on the door and it looks like a store room from outside, but don’t doubt it – just open the door, you will find the nursing room.



Cleanliness: Good

Beauty: Some attempt to beautify the room with stickers on the wall.  But the room itself feels like a bomb shelter – the doors are heavy, the ventilation is poor, and I was trickling sweat while nursing baby here.  There is a single chair, not particularly comfortable, in the nursing room.



Power point: None

Water dispenser: None

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