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*Updated 30/06/2013*

Where: The baby care room is on Level 3, near the toilets.

Seperation: There are 3 private nursing cubicles available, seperated from the diaper-changing area by doors with lock.


Description: The moment you walk down the corridor towards the toilets, you will immediately be attracted by the cute ‘Baby Care Room’ sign.

The place is spacious and decorated with a mario-mushroom theme.  Beside the diaper-changing area, there is a sofa for your companions to rest while waiting.  When I was there on a weekend, all 3 nursing cubicles were occupied and there were 2 mummies sitting there nursing (with nursing shawl), so you might still want to bring along your nursing shawl.  (I didn’t take photo of that area since there were nursing mums there.)


The nursing cubicle itself is plain with a soft bench but spacious.


Power point: None

Water dispenser: Hot water dispenser available.


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