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MF has reached a point where he now enjoys colouring (like proper colouring within the line, not random doodling around). So hubby went out to buy a box of crayons for him – cheap Daiso ones, since he had broken most of his expensive crayola before he could even use them.


I decided to try to make the mundane colouring activity a little more fun, by turning his cheap Daiso crayons into Lego minifigure crayons. I found this tutorial while researching for Lego party ideas (MF is huge on Lego these days, ever since we became annual pass holders of Legoland Malaysia, and requested for a Lego birthday this year.) I went to Bricks World at Northpoint and found the mold, selling at S$12.90. Yes, save money by buying cheapo crayons and then buy an expensive mold to make the kids happy.. That’s what mothers do.

So the project began. For the first attempt, I hammered the crayon to little pieces before pouring the pieces into the mold. Popped it into the oven and heated it a few minutes until it was all melted. Well.. It worked, except it was too much work.

IMG_1063IMG_1066 copy

So I decided to skip the hammering and just break the crayons into pieces by hand.


Popped them into the oven, and voila, they melted just the same!


So I left them to cool a bit, because they tended to spill out when I tried to transfer them to the fridge while they were all liquidy. (See what happened to the grey one above.) After they slightly hardened, I transferred them to the fridge.

Once they were all hardened, I popped them out of the mold, and tada! My first batch of Lego Minifigures Crayons were done!


I showed them to MF and he loved them!


So while MF was away to school, I turned his whole box of crayons into Lego minifigures. Check out my army!


One thing I learnt was not to be lazy with washing the mold after each batch. Otherwise you will have sickly-looking Lego minifigures.


What’s left now is to google and print out some Lego colouring pages and we have an awesome Lego colouring activity waiting!

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  1. Roz says:

    WAAAAHHH!!! they look great! even the ‘sickly’ ones hahah..u can use all his broken crayola ones and make super colourful lego minifig crayons!

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