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Looking for somewhere to bring to kids to this festive season? Polliwogs is having a 1-for-1 promotion!

polliwogs1for1(Picture taken from Polliwogs’ facebook page)


According to their facebook page, the promotion is valid until 14th Feb 2014 and only on weekdays (excluding Public holidays). You would need to “like” their Facebook page and show the “like” status on your phone to the cashier when entering. And if you have one older kid (above 2 years old) and one younger kid (below 2 years old), you pay the price of the older one.

Upon learning about the promotion, my friends and I happily went to the Vivocity branch for a playdate today.  On top of showing the cashier the ‘like’ status on my phone, I had to fill in a form with my particulars. Kind of a hassle.. But hey, it’s half price! Usual price for a kid below 2 years old is $13, we only had to pay $26 for the 4 kids.  And we got 4 cups of coffee / tea included with the entry.

Note that the promotion is not valid with the Value play pass. (That would be too good to be true.)

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