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Hokkaido Self-drive with Kids (June 2014) Part 5: Furano, Biei, Tomamu, Obihiro, New Chitose Airport

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  1. LEE MUNLY says:

    Hi Bumble Bee Mum…below is your comment. If I follow route 452 to Furano, what is the map code to key in? I am planning my trip end Aug 2017.

    “This time, I decided to ignore the GPS instruction and exit and Mikasa and use route 452 to get to Furano. I found going by this way took about the same time but saved us quite a bit on toll fees”.

    When driving, we just need to key in map code or tel no to get to the destination? Is their GPS user friendly? Thank you for your advice

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yup, for Japan GPS, you key in the destination using Map Code or telephone numbers. The GPS then displays the recommended route – which usually uses the toll ways. If you want to use a route other than the default recommended route, you need to find the ‘5 routes’ option on the GPS and use an alternative route from there. You can read more on this post:

      For this particular drive to Furano, I didn’t bother changing the recommended route (which asked me to take the tollway all the way till Takikawa). I followed the recommended route until I reached Mikasa and I exited the toll-way. After the GPS detected that I had deviated from its recommended route, it found an alternative route for me to get to Furano.

  2. Barbara says:

    Thank you so much for such a great blog! I really want to see Furano and Biei, but unfortunately we only have one morning for this. We will arrive to New Chitose airport in the evening and then head straight to Furano for overnight. The next evening, we have to be in Otaru by 18:00. This means we have from around 8 hours to see what we can AND get to Otaru with two young children. My plan now is just to drive to Farm Tomita, explore that area and head to Otaru from there. Would love to just drive through panorama and patchwork road, but it seems too far out of the way. Will just driving on route 298 be pretty? Any advice is much appreciated!

    • Barbara says:

      BTW, right now googlemap is recommending we take 452 from Furano down to Otaru. It looks like we could go the other way and head up to Asahikawa then connect to the Hokkaido expressway to head down to Otaru. If we did it, we would only be doing that to drive by, without stops. Is the drive more beautiful/worth an extra 30-60 min (plus toll fees I imagine)

      • bumblebeemum says:

        Yup, I would take the 452 route to Mikasa to enter the expressway. You can go all the way up to Asahikawa, passing by Biei, but I don’t think the extra driving time and toll fees you would incur is worth it considering the amount of time you have. Panorama and Patchwork Road, together with blue pond, deserves a whole day to fully enjoy. It will be very rushed if you try to do both Furano and Biei in a day. Technically it can be done, if you drive to a spot, jump off the car to snap a few photos, and jump back on the car and head straight for the next stop and so on. But I would recommend you visit less spots and spend more time at each spot – soak in the scenery, grab some snacks and ice-cream from the snack kiosks, enjoy your ice-cream while looking out at the flowers and mountain and breath in the fresh air. The kids would probably be happier that way too. My boys always enjoy running around the flower fields, and of course eating ice-cream. Hahaha…

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yeah, I don’t think you have time to go all the way up to Panorama and Patchwork Road. You can probably just do Tomita and Flower Land Kamifurano. And Furano has many nice eating-cum-sightseeing spots like Furano Wine Factory and Campana della Vigna by Rokkatei which doesn’t require you to go far. You can read more here:

      So I would suggest you just stick to Furano and not go all the way up to Biei to save time.

      I suggest you use Route 237 – that’s the main sightseeing road for the Furano / Biei region.

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