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If you are planning to visit the Eastern part of Japan by rail, the JR East Pass is a great pass to get your around.  It is a 5 day flexible pass, which means you can use it for any 5 days within a 14 day period (not necessarily consecutively)!


(The above picture shows the old JR East Pass that is valid for 5 consecutive day travels, which is different from the current ones that are for 5 flexible day travels within a 14-day period.)


You can use it on any JR lines operated by JR East, including reserved seats on shinkansen.


For my trip to Japan in June 2009, this was how I utilized 5 days of my JR East Pass:

Day 1: Tokyo – Koriyama – Aizu Wakamatsu – Koriyama – Sendai
Day 2: Sendai – Matsushima – Sendai
Day 3: Sendai – Yamadera – Morioka
Day 4: Morioka – Omiya – Nagano
Day 5: Nagano – Matsumoto – Nagano – Tokyo

All the above train routes were fully covered by the JR East Pass, we were able to cover quite a big area with it!

Currently, the price of the pass is 22,000 Yen for adults (12 years and older) and 11,000 Yen for Children (6-11).  For more information regarding the JR East Pass, visit the official website.

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