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Mercure Hotel Sapporo Review - Bumble Bee Mum

We stayed at Hotel Mercure Sapporo throughout our trip to Hokkaido in October 2013 and for another 2 nights in December 2014.  It is currently my most recommended hotel in Sapporo.

Hokkaido Family Accommodation Recommendation - Mercure Hotel Sapporo

Getting to Hotel Mercure Sapporo

We took the airport limousine bus from New Chitose Airport to the hotel. The airport limousine bus’s Susukino stop was very near to the hotel (you need to cross a big traffic junction, but that’s about it).  But to be sure, I asked the bus driver for directions to Hotel Mercure after we alighted and he pointed us in the correct direction. (If you are planning to ask the driver for direction, note that Hotel Mercure is pronouced as ‘ho-te-ru me-ru-kyu-ru’ in Japanese.)  If you fail to spot the hotel, look for the restaurant with the giant crabs at the entrance instead.  Hotel Mercure Sapporo directly faces the giant crabs.


Driving and Parking

If driving, the hotel entrance is very small and easy to miss.  The nearest carpark is just next to the hotel entrance.  In the evenings and nights, many cabs line the streets and block your view of the carpark entrance, so you need to drive real slow as you approach the hotel and keep your eyes wide open for the entrance, otherwise you are bound to miss it. The automated carpark is an experience in itself, where you drive the car onto a turntable and into a lift.  At the time of writing, it costs 1200 yen per day to park there.


Hotel Mercure Sapporo was great, because it was right smack in the Susukino district where eateries open late.  We were always driving out in the day and returning to Sapporo in the evening, and there will still be plenty to eat and shop around the hotel.

The hotel was a short walk to Susukino station. To get there, come out of the hotel and walk to the left for about 5 min. Along the way, you would see the famous Ramen alley.   Further down that row, there was Yoshinoya and Matsuya (cheap and good places for Japanese rice bowls), and Sapporo Drug Store that opens till 3am (in case you *touch wood* need medication). Just beside Susukino station, there was a large department store called ‘La Filer’,  where there was a supermarket at B1M floor.  It was more of a a fresh food market – fruits, vegetables, fish and poultry kind of stuff.  It was a great place for getting your daily dose of fresh fruits. From Susukino station, you could go underground and start your shopping at the huge underground shopping arcade which stretches all the way to Sapporo TV Tower‘s basement and Sapporo Station.

Hotel Mercure Sapporo - Sapporo Underground Shopping Arcade

The underground shopping arcade (highlighted in red) links Sapporo, Odori and Susukino stations.  You see that ‘bed’ logo in between Susukino and Hosuisusukino stations? That is where Hotel Mercure Sapporo is.

If you walk to the right after coming out of the hotel, there is a Lawson convenience shop just beside the hotel entrance, where I bought bread every morning for the kids to munch on during the long road trips. From there, cross the traffic junction to the North and keep walking, you will reach Tanukikoji (a long shopping street with great food and cheap souvenirs).  Go further up and you will reach a gigantic Daiso (100-yen shop), Macdonalds and Mos Burger. Keep walking along that road and you will reach Sapporo TV Tower and Odori Park.

Other places of interest walkable from the hotel is Nijo Market (about halfway between the hotel and Sapporo TV Tower) and Nakajima Park (which is about 15-20 min walk South from the hotel).

Hotel Services

If you want to go to Sapporo station, the hotel provides free shuttle service.

There is also a travel concierge desk on the first floor of the hotel where you can book day trips and make transport arrangements.  We used them to book a FREE shuttle to Sapporo Central Wholesale Market a.k.a. Curb Market a.k.a. Jyogai Ichiba (read about it on this post).

Secure a room at Mercure Hotel Sapporo!


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  1. choonie 71 says:

    Hi thanks for your informative blog. May I know which airport bus did u take from chitose airport to reach Mercure hotel. I just booked the hotel for June 15 & was trying to figure out which bus to take. There are several companies of limousine buses departing the airport. Thanks a lot!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hi, there are two companies running airport limousine buses (Chuo Bus and Hokuto Kotsu bus) to Sapporo City Centre and both of them can be alighted from the same bus stop at the airport and stop at the same bus stop (diagonally across the big junction from Hotel Mercure Sapporo).

      If you are arriving from the Domestic Terminal, proceed to the bus stops outside Level 1 of the Domestic Terminal Building wait at bus berth 14 or 22 and board any of the buses bound for Sapporo City Centre (札幌中央).

      If you arriving from the International Terminal, proceed to the bus stops outside Level 1 of the International Terminal building and wait at bus berth 65 and board any bus bound for Sapporo City Centre (札幌中央).

      When in doubt, just ask the bus driver ‘SUSUKINO?’ when you board and he will confirm if the bus is headed that way.

      For map of the bus stop locations at New Chitose Airport, refer to:

      For Chuo bus timetable, refer to:
      (You should be looking at the table that says “From New Chitose Airport, To Downtown Sapporo(via Fukuzumi Sta.)【front of ANA Gate】)

      For Hokuto Kotsu bus timetable, refer to:
      (You should be looking at the table that says “From New Chitose Airport, To Downtown Sapporo(via Fukuzumi Sta.)【front of ANA Gate】)

      The buses come pretty frequently if you are arriving at normal hours (not super early in the morning or super late at night), so you really do not have to worry much about the exact timing the bus arrives and should be able to hop onto one of the buses bound for Sapporo City Centre within 15 minutes. The bus journey takes about an hour.

      • Mat says:

        Hi BBM, is the airport bus a better option over taking the JR? Given that the JR only takes 35mins to get to Sapporo (and then prob another 10 to get to Susukino) versus the 70mins by airport bus.

        • bumblebeemum says:

          For Susukino? I prefer taking the bus because it is direct. I prefer not to bring my luggage around while going up and down trains, finding my way around train stations and ticket kiosks. Given the time you need to find your way around and make transfers, I don’t think train will save that much more time compared to the bus for Susukino. I would take the train if I’m going Sapporo area, but not for Susukino.

  2. choonie 71 says:

    Thanks so much!

  3. […] We stayed at Mercure Hotel Sapporo throughout our trip.  I highly recommend this hotel.  The location was fantastic (close to airport limousine bus-stop as well as Susukino station), rooms were reasonably priced and comfortable, and there was so much to see and eat within walking distance!  For my detailed review of Mercure Hotel Sapporo, please read this post. […]

  4. clara says:

    Hi mummy,
    For your Sapporo trip in Oct. Did you stay at mercure hotel sapporo all the way or you change hotel during your trip? Btw, how many days you stay in sapporo in oct?
    Im thinking to bring my 4 yo son this oct.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      For that particular trip, I stayed at Mercure Hotel Sapporo throughout the trip. We stayed there for 5 nights. It was pretty rushed honestly, but that was all the time we could afford then.

      Usually for Hokkaido trips, I recommend changing hotels to reduce driving and to enjoy various onsen resorts. But that particular trip was done without my husband and it was too much of a chore to keep bringing luggage around with the kids without his help, that was why I stayed in Sapporo throughout the trip.

      • Lok Yong Hwa says:

        Hi BBM, after read your comment on mercure hotel , I asked my wife to book hotel on Sept 2016 for 7 night. I taught it should be cheap for early bird but end up more expensive because my wife mistake to book twin bed room for single person thru booking.com. she suppose to book for 2 persons . We immediately ask booking.com to change but the reply is can not change. We have to pay the extra i person fees at a higher rate during our stay in the hotel next year. We also found out direct booking to mercure hotel is much cheaper then booking thru booking service agent. We feel like been cheated. Now my wife still proceed this issue with booking agent. Any advice in this case ?

        • bumblebeemum says:

          Does the booking your wife did come with free cancellations? Most of the bookings I do on booking.com has free cancellation and I can just cancel it with no penalty.

          • Anonymous says:

            no cancellation type.

            • bumblebeemum says:

              Oh dear.. in that case it is really up to booking.com’s goodwill whether they want to allow you to change or cancel your reservation. When you book through them, there is little the hotel can do anything about. If booking.com doesn’t allow changes, then you just got to stick to the reservation and don’t think about it anymore.

  5. Myong says:

    Hi Bumble bee mum, how did u get ur quad share Mercure booking at such a good rate?? I am searching for the few days before Xmas and there isn’t availability. Ana Hol Inn any better? Pls could u share any other recommendations. Many thx

    • bumblebeemum says:


      I did not get a quad share. Our family crashed into a double room since our kids are still quite young (we always do that to save cost).

      Mercure’s rate fluctuates quite a bit by season. I managed to get double room at S$80 for my Oct and Dec trips. But for my June trip which coincided with the Hokkaido Shrine Festival, it doubled.

      You can try ANA Holiday Inn Susukino. It was slightly cheaper than Mercure when I stayed there for my Dec trip, but I found Mercure more comfortable and would choose Mercure if the price difference is not significant.

  6. cbk5569 says:

    Hi Bumble Bee mum, your blog is very informative, thanks, this is our(family of 2 adults and a teenager) first time to Hokkaido, will be there only from Nov 21st till 28th(my only holiday window). I was thinking of self drive(wonder will the weather be good). Based on your experience, what would be good? My want-to visit if possible:
    1) Asahikawa Zoo
    2) Lake Akan
    3) Tomamu
    4) Sapporro
    5) Otaru
    6) Hakodate

    Thank you in advance!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Weather may not be good by end November. You can expect snow, especially at Asahikawa. And it is way too rushed to visit all the places you listed in an 8-days trip. And your dates look a bit too early to be heading to ski resorts like Tomamu.

      If you keep to Sapporo, Otaru, Hakodate and Asahikawa Zoo, you do not need to drive as these cities are well-connected by train. Given the time you have, I probably wouldn’t recommend you venturing out to Eastern Hokkaido (Tomamu / Lake Akan). If you want to go to Eastern Hokkaido, then you probably need to drop Otaru and Hakodate.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Awesome blog BumbleBee…have enjoyed following your itineraries and has helped me to plan mine. Am curious – did BOTH your toddlers share a bed with you and your husband? I understand Japan double beds are quite small, and wondering how you all managed to fit in one hotel room? Am looking at booking Mercure Hotel also…am worried about the size of the bed…I will have my 2yr old traveling with us, she tends to kick and move around a lot in bed hehe!!! Any tips on choosing a room? Are they all “double beds” ? Is there a bigger size room to consider? Cheers. Cheryl

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Haha.. Yeah, the kids squeeze with us on a double bed. Sometimes we end up sleeping horizontally with our legs sticking out.. Just to save money. But yeah.. kids kicking us is part of the deal. But my kids kick me all the time at home also, so I’m used to it. Mercure Hotel Sapporo’s bed is bigger compared to many other Japanese hotels we have stayed in. Mercure does have rooms with king-size bed or zip beds which are probably bigger, but you may need to book those rooms direct from the hotel. They have several room types, you can read more from their website:

      • Cheryl says:

        Oh one more quick question – any suggestions on where to grab breakfast near the hotel? If we wanna sit down and eat a hot breakfast…?! Much thanks

      • Alisanta says:

        Hi BumbleBeeMum… awasome trip report.
        When you booked the room, did you mention about kids or just adult count? I am with wife, and 7 and 4 y.o kids, so if I choose 2 adults only, afraid they will put additional charge when appearing in 4 heads.

        • bumblebeemum says:

          According to Agoda, children 2 – 15 can stay for free if they are using existing bedding. Shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you don’t need extra bed space or toilet amenities etc.

  8. Reina says:

    Thanks for your excellent info on the Hokkaido trips, kindly advise is there any coin laundry washing machine nearby Hotel Mecure Sapporo? Thanks you in advance, Reina

    • bumblebeemum says:

      There is one at the nearby capsule inn, where you need to cross the road and cut-through Toyoko Inn to get to. Ask the front desk staff at Mercure, they will let you know how to get there.

  9. Jane says:

    Hi BBM, since I read this post I become interested to stay in Mercure Hotel Sapporo.
    Where do you usually book your room and get the best price?
    Moreover, I plan to stay in Hokkaido for 7 days 6 nights and I will definitely visit this place
    1. Sapporo
    2. Furano
    Do you think Hakodate is worth to visit?
    Do you have suggested itinerary for my visit?
    So sorry to be so detail since this is my first visit to Hokkaido.
    Thank you so much 🙂

    • bumblebeemum says:

      You need to compare between the various booking websites if you want to best price. Every booking website has their own sets of promotions. E.g. Agoda has credit card discounts, Hotels.com has stay 10 nights get 1 night free etc. And sometimes if you book non-cancellation early bird promos, you can get better prices. Whereas if you need the flexibility to change your plans later, some booking websites like booking.com is very easy to cancel for a few dollars more. I tend to stick to these 3 booking sites, otherwise it is too much to compare.

      When are you travelling? If it is summer, I would spend more time in Furano and give Hakodate a miss.

  10. Esther says:

    Hi BBM

    Ur website does give me a lot of input.

    I will be staying in Mercure hotel too. I have a concern that my flight will be back to Msia at 8.55am, i wonder which option is the best to depart from Mercure hotel at such early hour? Is Mercure hotel provide airport shuttle?

    I overlooked this details after i make a booking with them which cancelation is not allowed. I am really worried over this.

    Hope to get a pc of advice from you


    • bumblebeemum says:

      You will have to catch the airport limousine bus from the bus-stop diagonally across the road from Mercure Hotel. Ask the concierge to point out the bus stop to you. The airport limousine bus starts running from 5.29am and takes about 1 hour to reach CTS. So for 8.55am flight, you need to reach CTS at 6.55am, which means you should try to catch the 5.59am bus. See the bus timetable below:

      Please be at the bus stop slightly earlier because the next bus will be at 6.29am. Buses are not very frequent early in the morning.

  11. Cindy Ho says:

    Hi BBM,

    I am getting so excited to go Hokkaido after reading your post. Thank you for sharing.

    I read that you mentioned Toyoko Inn Susukino….is this hotel near to the airport limousine bus stop? The airport bus drop off/pick-up at the same bus stop? Is that the same bus stop where you drop off to Mercure Hotel?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yes, Toyoko Inn is right beside the airport limousine bus stops. The drop off and pick up are at different bus stops. But yes, Toyoko Inn and Mercure are near the same airport limousine bus stops.

      • Cindy Ho says:

        Dear BBM,

        Should I just follow your instructions below to get to Toyoko Inn? Because like you, I prefer to take the airport bus rather than dragging luggage along the train station & transfer.

        For Chuo bus timetable, refer to:
        (You should be looking at the table that says “From New Chitose Airport, To Downtown Sapporo(via Fukuzumi Sta.)【front of ANA Gate】)

  12. Grace Chin says:

    Hi, it’s me again, Grace,

    Your blog is really the best for Hokkaido holiday planning. We need your advise. We are 2 adults, 10 yo and 6 yo going to Hokkaido in Dec. Arrive Dec 11 before noon. Depart Dec 26 in evening. Do u think below itinerary is too rushed? Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing and for your advise.

    Dec 11 Sapporo
    Dec 12 Asahiyama Zoo day trip (with the zoo train)
    Dec 13 Otaru day trip
    Dec 14 Train to Kiroro
    Dec 15 Kiroro to Niseko day trip
    Dec 16 Kiroro to Noboribetsu
    Dec 17 Noboribetsu to Lake Toya
    Dec 18 Lake Toya to Obihiro
    Dec 19 Obihiro to Kushiro
    Dec 20 Kushiro to Lake Akan
    Dec 21 Kushiro to Tomamu
    Dec 22 Tomamu
    Dec 23 Sapporo
    Dec 24 Sapporo
    Dec 25 Check in Air Terminal Hotel
    Dec 26 Explore New Chitose Airport, evening flight back to Changi

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hmm. it does look too rushed, especially since it’s winter. I wouldn’t do Niseko and Noboribetsu as day trip from Kiroro. If I go to Kiroro, I would just stay at Kiroro to ski. Otherwise there is no reason to stay at Kiroro. And between Niseko and Kiroro, I would only choose one. I wouldn’t go to both.

      Public transport in Hokkaido is not great. For e.g. for Lake Toya and Noboribetsu, the onsen towns are not near the train station. Though you can cab from the nearest train station. The Akan region is hard to get around without a rental car. If you want to minimize driving, this is what you can do:

      Dec 11 Sapporo
      Day 12 Sapporo
      Day 13 Sapporo
      Dec 14 Asahiyama Zoo day trip (with the zoo train)
      Dec 15 Otaru day trip from Sapporo (train)
      Dec 16 Sapporo – Niseko (direct bus)
      Dec 17 Niseko
      Dec 18 Niseko – Noboribetsu OR Lake Toya (choose one)
      Dec 19 Noboribetsu / Lake Toya
      Dec 20 Noboribetsu / Lake Toya – Obihiro (train)
      Dec 21 Obihiro – Kushiro (train)
      Dec 22 Kushiro – Lake Akan (rental car)
      Dec 23 Akan National Park
      Dec 24 Lake Akan – Kushiro (return car) – Tomamu (train)
      Dec 25 Tomamu
      Dec 26 Tomamu – CTS (direct bus), Explore New Chitose Airport, evening flight back to Changi

  13. Lynn says:

    Hi Bumblebeemum,
    Thank u for your details on Mercure Hotel..Thanks a Million !! “))
    Looking forward to my June there!! Cheers !!!
    Wonderful days !!

  14. Grace says:

    Hi BBM, I enjoyed reading your very informative blog. We are travelling with our elderly mum (82 years old) to Sapporo in early Sep 2016. We are staying at the Mercure Hotel and thinking of going to Mt Moiwa. Any advice on how best to get there from the hotel, especially with an elderly traveller? Thanks.

  15. eco says:

    One more question about the parking BBM, thanks in advance.

    The car park that you used when stay at Mercure is it at the side or behind the hotel?

    Is it call “Mitsui Repark.”?

  16. Mummyof2 says:

    hi bumblebeemum,

    I’m planing my hokkaido trip during school holiday this coming December.
    I try to search this mercure hotel in sapporo, but there is no room for kid. My kid is 8 years old, do you think it’s ok to book 1 room (2 pax)?

  17. Jenny Lim says:

    Hi BBM,
    I was trying to find info for taking the airport bus opposite the mercure hotel. May i check with you, do we need to reserve in advance for the bus ticket? I will need to board the bus from susukino bus stop to the chitose airport on my way back. Thanks so much!

  18. christopher says:

    Hello, does Hotel Mercure Sapporo has any onsen?

  19. Lau says:

    Hi BBM

    The parking fare of JPY1,200 per day at Mitsui Repark, does it allow numerous in and out ?

    Thank you.

  20. Adele Tan says:

    Hi BBM, love reading your blog! Thanks for all the info.
    I was advised by a friend to put up closer to the Sapporo station for sheer convenience. In fact, she was recommending Hotel Sapporo Aspen since its just a 3 min walk to the main station..
    Based on your blog, I had reserved Mercure back in May for our trip this Dec16.
    I have 2 daughters aged 6 and 10, and considering that it is winter, would your recommendation still be to stay in Susukino for 2 nights? Other than to venture around (odori park, christmas market and some shopping), we are also planning to spend a morning at the shiroi koibito park. Thanks!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I usually stay in Mercure because I drive – so there is no need for me to be near the train station. Your friend is right in a sense that if you are using the train extensively, particularly the JR line to get to other cities, staying near Sapporo station is a lot more convenient.

      But if you are not using the JR line and just staying within Sapporo (i.e. you will use the Sapporo subway lines instead), then there is not much difference between statying at Sapporo station or Susukino station imo. In fact, Susukino is slightly better than Sapporo because Susukino also gives you access to the streetcar (if you need it – e.g. to get to Mount Moiwa). In fact for subway, the best station to be near is Odori Station because it is the interchange of Sapporo’s subway lines.

      So in terms of convenience, it really boils down to where you are visiting and which train lines you will be using the most. If it’s just Odori Park, Christmas marking and Shiroi Koibito Park, a hotel near Odori station is actually the most convenient.

  21. Mummy Ed says:

    Thank you for this very informative post! Let’s see if I have any other tips to add on when I come back 😉

  22. Mummy Ed says:

    Thank you for this very informative post! Let’s see if I have any other tips to add on when I come back, can’t wait!!!
    Mummy Ed recently posted…Review & Giveaway: inTENse escape roomMy Profile

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