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[Update (11 Feb 2015):  I have received my clothing from Midouceur.  Read my review of the purchase on this post!]

As a mother of two sons and no daughter, I have always felt a bit envious when I see beautiful matching Mother-Daughter clothes in shops.  I have been comforting myself that I saved a lot of money by having sons, but secretly I always wished someone would come up with matching Mother-SON clothing.  IS IT REALLY THAT DIFFICULT??

So imagine my ecstasy when I saw my friend, Mother Kao, sharing her matchy family photos on Facebook!

Above image taken from Midoucer's website

Above image taken from Midoucer’s website

See how they had BOYS clothing that matched perfectly with the parents’? I went to her blog post to find out more, it seems Midouceur is an online shop without a permanent store space.  So I went to their website and they had a size chart to refer to.

midouceur size chart

Size chart on Midouceur.com

They only had S and M size for adult clothing.  Mother Kao said she wore M, so I figured I’m size M as well.  And hubby couldn’t possibly be S so I ordered M for him (though I am a bit concerned that it may be a bit tight).

For kids, they had 3 sizes.  I ordered the smallest size for 2 year old MY, and the medium size for 4 year old MF (although it said 5Y to 7Y).  I went to measure MF’s shoulder and it was definitely wider than 9 inches, so I guess the age wasn’t a very accurate indication.

So I dropped Father M, Mother M, Son 3Y to 5Y and Son 5Y to 7Y into my basket and proceeded to checkout.  One gripe I had was that the boys’ shirts cost almost the same as my dress.  So the total price for one set of Golden Abundance came up to $152.20.


My shopping cart for Golden Abundance set.

I was a bit hesitant to press the checkout button because $36.80 seemed a bit too much to pay for a little boy’s shirt.  But wait, I suddenly remembered that Mother Kao had a discount code on her blog!

Quoted from her blog post: “From now till 22 January 2015, enter the promo code CNY8off to get 8% discount off at MidouCeur for purchases above SGD100 net.”

But hmm.. there was no place to key in the promo code on the shopping cart page.  Never mind, I just clicked ‘checkout’ to see what would happen.  On the next page, I was asked to key in my shipping address, but still no mention of promo codes.  Keyed in my shipping address and went to the NEXT page.

Finally, I came to a page where I could key in the discount code!

Screenshot 2015-01-21 11.41.45

Page where you could key in discount code.

The moment of truth… After keying in the discount code:

Screenshot 2015-01-21 11.43.33

Price after 8% discount.

Awesome… Hubby reasoned that if we bought our new year clothes separately, my dress would cost $60, his shirt would cost $40 and each kid’s shirt would cost $20 so $140 was a fair price – and we would be all matchy! So guess what? We ended up buying TWO sets (for day 1 and 2 of Chinese New Year)!

They offered a few different shipping methods, but I just chose the FREE one.

Screenshot 2015-01-21 11.46.28

Shipping options

For payment, they accepted credit card (via paypal) and bank transfers.  I chose PayPal, was brought to a page where I keyed in my credit card details and I was done!

Right now, I cannot comment on the quality of clothes by Midouceur nor their service because I haven’t received my purchase.  However, I trust Mother Kao’s taste (we used to work together and she would always turn up for work in such nice clothes.. lol), and nice matching family clothes are just so hard to come by, hence I bit the bullet and made the purchase.  When I receive them, I will post an update on the quality of the purchase!

Till then, visit Midouceur’s website and Mother Kao’s blog post for more information!

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