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Vivocity Nursing Room Information

Where: The main Baby Care Room is on Level 2, beside the open air play area.  It is conveniently located in the midst of all the shops selling children-related products.

Vivocity Nursing Room - Entrance to the Baby Care Room.

Entrance to the Baby Care Room.

Separation: Nursing area is separated from diaper-changing area by curtains.

Vivocity Nursing Room - Nursing cubicles separation

3 breastfeeding rooms, separated by curtains.

Description:  The nursing cubicles are quite cramped, with only enough space for a single arm chair.  If you have a stroller, you will need to leave it outside.

Vivocity Nursing Room - Cramped nursing area.

Cramped nursing area.

The rest of the baby care room is spacious and bright.  It is also very clean and well-maintained.  There are 3 diaper-changing tables and a waiting area with arm chairs.

Vivocity Nursing Room - Diaper-changing area

Diaper-changing area

Vivocity Nursing Room - Waiting area

Waiting area

Power point: Available inside nursing cubicle

Water dispenser: Hot water dispenser available

Vivocity Nursing Room - Hot water dispenser

Hot water dispenser

Information (Vivocity):

Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore 098585.

Opening Hours:  VivoCity is open from 10am to 10pm daily.

Tei: Customer Service Counter Level 2: 63776870
Customer Service Counter Level 1: 63776860

Official Website:  Vivocity Homepage

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  1. Crystal says:

    There is a fantastic nursing room outside near the kiddie play area. One of the best I have seen! So many private nursing cubicles and a big sofa for hubby to sit and wait. When I first visited Vivo City with a baby I was so disappointed with the nursing rooms as I did not know about the big one near the kiddie area. There was a long queue too so I nursed my girl in the stairwell-horrible!! I don’t know why there are no signs indicating that there is a huge nursing room elsewhere in the place.

  2. […] days back when I was at Vivocity, I was on my way to the nursing room to take photos to update my outdated blog post when I came across a shop called ‘Kids […]

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