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Update: Midouceur.com is no longer available.

Some time back I blogged about purchasing my family’s Chinese New Year Matchy-Family Clothing by Midouceur. I finally received the clothes! In case you are wondering what took them so long, the Chinese New Year collection was a pre-order, that’s why it took a while between placing the order and receiving the items.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I ordered M size for myself because Mother Kao said she was M size.  When she read my post, she quickly messaged me to tell me that I should be S size.  I was highly doubtful because I haven’t been able to fit into S size ever since I had kids, but eventually she convinced me to change my order.  So our final order was Mother S size, Father M size, Son 3Y-5Y and Son 5Y-7Y.

Just a quick recap, this is the size chart from Midouceur:

Midouceur’s size chart.

When the clothes arrived, I did a quick measurement to see if the actual products’ measurement matched what was stated on the size chart.

Matchy-Family Clothing by Midouceur - Mother S

Mother S (according to size chart should be PTP 18, Waist 15, Length 34)

Matchy-Family Clothing by Midouceur - Father M

Father M (according to size chart should be shoulder 19, PTP 21, Length 29)

Matchy-Family Clothing by Midouceur - Son 3Y to 5Y (according to size chart should be shoulder 9, PTP 11, Length 34)

Son 3Y to 5Y (according to size chart should be shoulder 9, PTP 11, Length 18)

Matchy-Family Clothing by Midouceur - Son 5Y to 7Y (according to size chart should be shoulder 9, PTP 11, Length 34)

Son 5Y to 7Y (according to size chart should be shoulder 11, PTP 13, Length 19)

As you can see from the photos above, the measurements were very precise.

I tried out the two dresses.  It turns out, despite the exact same measurement, the cutting played an important role in how well the dresses fit.  The white dress from Golden Abundance was A-lined while the pink dress from Prosperous Blooms was slightly puffy.

Matchy-Family Clothing by Midouceur - The two dresses side-by-side.

The two dresses side-by-side.

When placed side-by-side, the Prosperous Bloom’s dress looked shorter and wider as compared to the Golden Abundance’s dress but they were actually the exact same size.

I tried them on and the Golden Abundance dress with the A-line skirt was just right for me. Okay, maybe a wee bit small but I could fit.  M size would have been too loose for me, so Mother Kao was right.

Matchy-Family Clothing by Midouceur - Golden Abundance Mother S dress.

Golden Abundance Mother S dress.

The Prosperous Bloom’s dress, due to the puffy cutting, made me look short and fat.  Usually when I buy a dress that is slightly too wide (this is a common problem for me because S size dresses are sometimes too short or tight at PTP for me, but if I buy M it would be too wide at the waist), I would just add on a belt.  However for this dress, I couldn’t add a belt because of the strap at the waist which would make adding a belt extremely ugly. So… I overcame the problem by tugging down at the pockets.. Lol.

Matchy-Family Clothing by Midouceur - Prosperous Bloom's Mother S dress.

Prosperous Bloom’s Mother S dress with me tugging down at the pockets.

The main problem I had when I received the order was that the straps of the Prosperous Bloom’s set was dark blue when I thought it was supposed to be green based on the website’s pictures.

Picture of the Prosperous Bloom set from Mideoceur.com

Picture of the Prosperous Bloom set from Midouceur.com

I checked with Midouceur and they told me it was supposed to be blue and it looked green in the photos because of the lighting.  I’m not sure if I’m really convinced, but I don’t see how lying would benefit them.  I leave it to you to compare my photo with their website’s photo and decide if it was really a case of discrepancy due to lighting.  The photo I took was under normal daylight in my home: No special lighting, no photo editing, absolutely raw from my dummy camera so you can see the actual colour is clearly dark blue.

Matchy-Family Clothing by Midouceur - My photo of the Prosperous Bloom dress vs Midouceur's photo.

My photo vs Midouceur’s photo.

There was no problem with the Golden Abundance set, it turned out exactly as shown on the websites’ photos.

As for the boys’ clothing, do note that the cutting is very slim.  My boys were extremely skinny and the shirts only just fitted.  So please up the size when buying the shirts for your boys (MY is 2yo and wearing 3Y to 5Y, MF is 4yo and wearing 5Y to 7Y).

Matchy-Family Clothing by Midouceur - Propserous Bloom shirts for boys.

Golden Abundance shirts for boys.

Matchy-Family Clothing by Midouceur - Prosperous Bloom shirts for the boys.

Prosperous Bloom shirts for the boys.

You can see from their expression that they were super thrilled to be wearing the same shirts! They were even more excited when they realized daddy and mummy had matching clothes too! Lol…

As for the material, I found the cloth used for Prosperous Bloom was quite good but the cloth used for Golden Abundance was somewhat thin and flimsy.  Hubby commented that the white cloth used for Golden Abundance looked cheap, but after he tried it on, he said that it was okay and very cooling. (Cannot have the best of both worlds?)

For us ladies, the main concern with buying white dresses is always the worry that it may be a bit see-through.  So let me show you how the Golden Abundance dress looked when held up against the light.

Matchy-Family Clothing by Midouceur - Golden Abundance white dress held up against the light.

Golden Abundance white dress held up against the light.

I personally felt that it was okay, just that you may have to rethink that auspicious red lingerie.  To be fair, I dug out two other white dresses from my wardrobe, both of which cost more than Midouceur’s dress, for comparison.

My thickest white dress (left) and my thinnest white dress (right).

My thickest white dress (left) and my thinnest white dress (right).

You can see that Midouceur’s dress was somewhere in between.  So considering its price ($39.80), I was happy with the thickness and the fact that it had an extra lining inside.

Speaking of lining, the Golden Abundance dress had full lining, while the Prosperous Bloom dress only had lining for the bottom half.

Matchy-Family Clothing by Midouceur - Lining of the Mother's dresses.

Lining of the Mother’s dresses.

Now, I would like to bring your attention to what was quoted on Midouceur’s website:

Description for Prosperous Bloom on Midouceur's website.

Description for Prosperous Bloom on Midouceur’s website.  Pay attention to the last line underlined in red.

Not that the dress really needed a full lining because the material and colour was opaque enough, but to say that it comes with ‘full inner lining’ when actually there is only lining for the bottom half isn’t very accurate, is it?

In conclusion…

I was happy with my purchase.  It was reasonably priced and the measurements were exactly as stated on their website.  The Golden Abundance set matched my expectation, but the Prosperous Blooms set fell short because:

1) The colour of the actual set didn’t seem to match the picture on the website ‘due to lighting’.
2) The Mother’s dress only had half lining when they said it comes with ‘full inner lining’.

Anyway they do have a return policy if you have a major problem with what you receive, but I don’t intend to return my purchase because despite the discrepancies, I think the set still looks nice.

I have had much worse experience with buying clothes online and overall, I was satisfied with the service and quality of the Matchy-Family Clothing by Midouceur.


Midouceur is an online shop based in Singapore.  Their website is http://www.midouceur.com/


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  2. Motherkao says:

    I would have told you it’s blue if you asked me! Still, you look great and you are every bit the S that I always thought you would be. You DID NOT put on much weight la, still so slim! Looking good in white!

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