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There is a Manhatten Fish Market Kids Dine Free Promotion going on now till 31 March 2015!  Knowing how cheapskate I am and my love for KIDS DINE FREE PROMOTIONS, my friend shared this promotion with me and I happily popped down to Manhatten Fish Market with MY to check it out.


Manhattan Fish Market Kids Dine Free Promotion Coupon – Must Flash!

The Manhatten Fish Market Kids Dine Free Promotion coupon


To redeem the free kids meal, you need to flash the above image (you can click on it to open it in a new window) to the service staff when you are placing your order.  The unstated condition is that you need to order an ala-carte food item to redeem the free kids menu.

When we arrived, I showed MY the kids menu and asked him to choose one, but he was much more interested in the adult’s menu.

Manhatten Fish Market Kids Dine Free - Kids Menu

MY ignoring the kids menu.


I chose the “Wacky Dory” from the kids menu, which was essentially grilled dory fish with mashed potato, nicely arranged in the shape of a fish.

Manhattan Fish Market Kids Dine Free - Wacky Dory

The kids meal we ordered.


The kids meal came with a free drink, but unlike Pizza Hut (which offered apple juice or milo with their kids meal), Manhatten Fish Market had some strange drink choices for their kids meal.  People who know me know that I am NO health advocate, but really? Coke, Sprite and Iced lemon tea for kids? Even super junk food McDonald’s Happy Meal comes with choices like Milo, milk and Ribena!

Manhattan Fish Market Kids Dine Free - Kids Menu Drinks

ICED LEMON TEA for kids? Really??


So I just chose the most sensible orange juice.  I then proceeded to choose an ala-carte dish for myself and I just ordered grilled dory fish for myself too (so that MY doesn’t end up fighting with me for food).

Manhattan Fish Market Kids Dine Free - MY enjoying his orange juice

MY sipping on orange juice while waiting for the food.


The kids meal arrived!  It didn’t look anything like the picture in the menu! And I forgot to question them about the missing carrots.

Manhattan Fish Market Kids Dine Free - Wacky Dory

That’s one zombie-looking fish.


My own meal came shortly after.

Manhattan Fish Market Kids Dine Free - Lite grilled dory

My ala-carte Lite Grilled Dory ($10.95++)


The grilled dory fish was covered with black pepper and I was worried that it would be too pepperish and spicy for MY.  So I removed the top layer of crust and just scrapped the flesh for MY, which he enjoyed.  After finishing the dory from his kids meal, he went on to eat half of my dory too! However, he totally rejected the mashed potato and ended up eating my rice.  The broccoli was very soft and great for kids.  The carrot, on the other hand, was so hard that even I had difficulty biting through so I didn’t give it to MY.

The total bill ($10.95 ++) worked out to around $13 which I felt was OKAY.  Not the most fantastic deal around (I still preferred Pizza Hut’s Kids Dine Free promotion).  But the good thing about Manhattan Fish Market’s Kids Dine Free promotion was that it was valid everyday (including weekends)!

One thing I didn’t quite like about Manhatten Fish Market was that they did not serve water.  So.. bring your kids’ water bottles along! (Told you I was cheapskate.)

Manhattan Fish Market Kids Dine Free - Charge for water

50 cents for water = Not cool.


Date:  Singapore Manhatten Fish Market Kids Dine Free promotion is on from now till 31 March 2015.

Address: There are currently 16 branches of Mahatten Fish Market in Singapore.  Visit this website to locate the branch nearest to you.

Official Websites:  Homepage | Facebook Page

For more Kids Dine Free promotions in Singapore, follow my KIDS DINE FREE TAG.


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