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Recently we brought the kids for longkang fishing at Fish @ Big Splash.  After that, we proceeded for tea at Royals Cafe @ Upper East Coast Road.

Play Area at Royals Cafe @ Upper East Coast Road

We chose this cafe because I was told that there was a small play area there for kids.

Royals Cafe @ Upper East Coast Road Play area

I thought the play area here was very cleverly designed! It did not take up much space – just a long narrow table along the wall with a hole along the edge to contain Lego and Duplo bricks.

Royals Cafe @ Upper East Coast Road Play area 2

Besides Lego and Duplo bricks, there was also a bead chaser.

Royals Cafe @ Upper East Coast Road Play area 4

We occupied the table right next to the play area. Hubby and I just sat back and drank our coffee while the kids entertained themselves with the toys.

Royals Cafe @ Upper East Coast Road Play area 3

There was also a magazine rack with both magazines for adults and children’s books.

Royals Cafe @ Upper East Coast Road Book Rack 1

Among the books, I found an Usborne adventure puzzle book! Am I the only one who grew up reading Usborne Puzzle Adventures?? I LOVED reading Usborne Puzzle Adventures when I was a kid!!

Royals Cafe @ Upper East Coast Road Book Rack 3

MF asked me to read the Usborne Puzzle Adventure book for him, which I did (though I was reading it more for myself than for him).  The puzzles inside were way too difficult for a 4 year old to solve (I couldn’t solve most of them myself.. Sheesh, I think I’m getting dumber as I grow older) and he got bored after a while.

As for MY, I picked out a children’s book for him, but he asked me to read the 8 Days magazine instead! I suspect he was attracted by the picture of ‘Frozen’ on the cover.

Royals Cafe @ Upper East Coast Road Book Rack 2

The play area was pretty well-maintained by the staff.  While we were there, they came over pretty frequently to pick up the Lego and Duplo bricks that the kids dropped on the floor.


The Food at Royals Cafe @ Upper East Coast Road

We were there for tea so we did not order food items for ourselves, just drinks.  Royals Cafe charged 10% service charge but no GST.  I ordered an Ice Lemon Tea ($2.90+) – pretty normal (not that I know of any special Ice Lemon Tea) but at least not exorbitant.  I later on also ordered a latte ($3.90+) which was not bad and cheaper than most lattes these days.

MF said he was hungry so we ordered a kids meal for him. There were quite a few selections on their kids menu.

Royals Cafe @ Upper East Coast Road Kids Meal Menu

Kids Set Meals at Royals Cafe (Image Source)


And here is the Fish and Chips from the Kids menu that we ordered, complete with MF’s favourite apple juice. The portion was quite generous – definitely more than what MF could eat.

Royals Cafe @ Upper East Coast Road Kids Meal

Fish & Chips for kids ($7.90+)



Royals Cafe was better known for their cakes, but we weren’t in the mood for cakes that day. They were touting some Tea-Time Special (2 drinks + 2 cakes for $16.80+) but it didn’t sound very cheap to me? Maybe we were just too full – we had a very heavy brunch at Old Airport Road and we were going for dinner at Bedok Hawker Cetnre soon. $16.80+ could buy me a lot of food at Bedok Hawker Centre you know?

Royals Cafe @ Upper East Coast Road Cakes

Overall I felt that Royals Cafe was a great place to bum with kids.  Their business was brisk when I was there on a weekday afternoon with a steady stream of kids using the play area.  It seemed like a popular hangout for families in the area!

Information on Royals Cafe:

Address: 19 Upper East Coast Road, Crescendo Building (beside Jalan Tua Kong)
Singapore 455209

Tel: 6445-6457

Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 9am – 10pm
Weekends & Public Holidays: 8.30am – 10.30pm

Official Websites: Homepage

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