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Bumblebeemum.net is officially one month old! *clap clap* Since I consider it to be my 3rd child and full-month celebrations are absolutely necessary, I shall dedicated a blog post to celebrating this milestone.

Firstly, red eggs and ang ku kuehs to thank all my guests (i.e. you who are reading this)!

bumble bee mum one month old red eggbumble bee mum one month old ang ku kueh

Although I have been blogging for a few years now, it wasn’t until end of last month that I got my personal domain and shifted my blog out to self-hosting.

I’m so glad that I shifted my blog out and I wish I had done it earlier. Doing so, I was able to REVAMP my blog! I think my blog looks a lot nicer now than in the past.. No?


If you remember my old blog.. Okay, not exactly like that but SOMETHING like that. I should have done a screen capture for keepsake before I revamped it! This was the last screen capture I did, immediately after I shifted my blog to a new host.


I also dabbled with putting advertisements to earn a weeeee bit of passive income (see the advertisement on the right side?).   After one month, I have earned a whopping $2.80 from my advertisements! Thank you for helping me pay for one return MRT trip to Orchard road!

bumble bee mum one month old train ride

More motivating than that $2.80 is the fact that I am actually getting more readers now!  While my hubby studied his stocks chart, I studied my readership chart.

Screenshot (25)

My stocks readership chart for the past month


It’s going up and down, up and down.. But I think it’s generally going up? How I wish my hubby’s stocks are showing a similar trend!

So thank you to all of you for reading my blog! It really motivates me to keep writing and improving. I hope my posts help to brighten up your days from time to time. Do visit often and if you enjoyed reading my blog, do share it with your friends!

Bumble Bee Mum bumble bee mum thank you

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