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Came across this article in the Chinese newspaper the other day about sand play.  Found it very useful and decided I should share it with my readers! Let me TRY to translate it.  (Gosh, I haven’t read such a huge chunk of Chinese words since my O level Chinese examination.)

Singapore Sand Playgrounds article

Introduction – Benefits of sand play

Playing with sand allows children to develop in many areas.

  • Kids get to exercise.
  • Develops their motor-skills
  • Widens their imagination
  • Expands their social network.

With the intrusion of technology, kids nowadays seldom get in touch with nature.  The joys and benefits of interacting with nature are often neglected.


Early Childhood Specialist explains: Sand is a multi-sensory toy

There are many ways to play with sand and this allows children to develop their various senses.

  • Sense of touch in feeling the texture of sand
  • They use their muscles in the process of digging up and sculpting the sand
  • Sense of sight in discovering things hidden in the sand (seashells, stones, seaweed, leaves etc.)
  • We can encourage children to use objects from nature to create works of art.


Children benefit from the PROCESS of sand play

Parents are encouraged to join in with their children.  In the process of working together to build something, children will learn

  • Cooperation
  • Negotiations
  • Voicing their views
  • Coping with unforeseen circumstances
  • Problem-solving skills


Convinced of the benefits of sand-play? But WHERE can we do it in Singapore?

10 Best Singapore Sand Playgrounds

1.  Labrador Park


Getting there:  Labrador Park MRT (CC27)

> Visit Official Website


2. Palawan Beach (Sentosa)


Getting there:  From Harbourfront MRT (NE1 / CC29), take the Sentosa Express from Vivocity.

> Visit Official Website


3. Tiong Bahru Park Playground


Getting there:  5 minutes walk from Tiong Bahru MRT (EW17)

> Visit Official Website


4.  Telok Kurau Park

singapore sand playgrounds telok kurau park

Hmm.. I don’t see the sand? (Image from Tourist In My Own Land.)


Getting there: Bus 15 and 155


5.  West Coast Park

singapore sand playgrounds west coast park

Getting there: From Haw Par Villa MRT (CC25), transfer to bus 175 or 176.

> Visit Official Website


6.  East Coast Park

singapore sand playgrounds east coast park

Getting there: Bus 401 (only available on Sundays and Public Holidays)

> Visit Official Website


7.  Pasir Ris Park Playground


Getting there: From Pasir Ris MRT (EW1), transfer to bus 403

> Visit Official Website


8.  Punggol Waterway Park


Getting there: Damai LRT station (PE7)

> Visit Official Website


9.  Sembawang Park

singapore sand playgrounds sembawang park

Getting there:  From Sembawang MRT (NS11), transfer to bus 882

> Visit Official Website


10. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park


Getting there: Bus 132, 165 and 166

> Visit Official Website

[disclaim]The above information was from a local Chinese Newspaper 联合早报.  I merely translated it.[/disclaim]


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