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Most of us would have heard of the kids clothing brand Petit Bateau… right? The brand has been around for 120 years! They carry ultra-comfortable clothing that is timeless (120 years? That’s definitely timeless to me!).  But if you have ever stepped into a Petit Bateau boutique, you would know that comfort and quality comes at a price.

Just Indulge Petit Bateau discount 2

Then came along Just-Indulge, a clothing and bag store that recently launched their online shop and Facebook Page. When I first checked out the range of Petit Bateau clothes on their website, my thought was, “My kids have outgrown all these clothes!”

When I gave them my feedback, they told me that their website only showed A FRACTION of their Petit Bateau collection – they had around 3000 pieces at their physical shop!  So I decided to pay a visit to their physical shop, Just-In-Store at Toa Payoh, to see if there was anything suitable for my boys.

Their shop is located at Blk 85 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh #01-312 Singapore 310085, about 5 minutes’ walk from Toa Payoh MRT.  (It took me 10 minutes since I had two kids in tow.)

Just Indulge Petit Bateau discount 6

The facade looked like a branded bag shop.  But on close scrutiny, the sign on the window did mention ‘Kids’ & ‘Toddlers’.

Just Indulge Petit Bateau discount 7

I was shown to the rack where they displayed their Petit Bateau clothing.

Just Indulge Petit Bateau discount 3

OKAY… That was definitely wayyyy more than what was shown on their website.  But didn’t look like 3000.  Then they showed me their store room.

Just Indulge Petit Bateau discount 4

CARTONS of Petit Bateau clothing sorted by sizes!

Obviously customers were not expected to rummage through cartons of clothing to see what they had.  Just let them know what age / gender your child is and let them do the sieving through for you.  For 2 year-old MY, they picked out a range of clothing that was labelled for 3 years olds.

Just Indulge Petit Bateau discount 1

Although they were all the same size (3 year old), the cutting varied quite a bit and some appeared bigger than others.  In general, Petit Bateau’s clothes were…. PETITE.  I would really advise you to go to the store to see the actual sizing for yourself.

Just Indulge Petit Bateau discount 8

3 year old Petit Bateau top just fitted skinny 2 year old MY.


Some of the designs were pretty simple timeless, while others were quite cute.  I thought these would make great baby shower gifts! Afterall, Petit Bateau is pretty branded. And Just-Indulge sold them at around half the original price. (OMG, I’m such a cheapskate! But never mind, all my friends and readers already know that.)

What I didn’t know before visiting them was that Petit Bateau’s clothes were not just for babies and toddlers.  They go up all the way to 18 years old. The larger sizes could easily fit adults!

Just Indulge Petit Bateau discount 5

I could easily fit into these tops.


So mummies could shop for themselves on top of shopping for their kids!  Speaking of shopping for mummies, they also sell Kate Spade diaper bags here.

Just Indulge Kate Spade diaper bag discount

Kate Spade diaper bags (Price range: $489 – $629)


Giveaway Time!

If you would like to win a piece of FREE Petit Bateau clothing to try out, here’s a chance to do so.  5 lucky readers will be receiving a Petit Bateau clothing for your kid from Just-Indulge!

What you need to do:

1) Visit Just-Indulge’s Facebook Page
2) SUBSCRIBE for the newsletter on their website (scroll to the bottom).
3) Email info@just-indulge.com the following information:

Subject Header: Bumble Bee Mum Giveaway

Facebook Name:
Email Address subscribed for newsletter:

Deadline: 15 April 2015

Information on Just-Indulge / Just-In-Store

Address: Blk 85 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh #01-312, Singapore 310085

Getting There: 5 minutes walk from Toa Payoh MRT

Open: 2 – 8 PM (Saturdays and Sundays).
Please call for appointment on Weekdays.
Whatsapp/Call Matt at 9735 8466

Official Websites: Online Shop | Facebook Page

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