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I am constantly on the look out for eateries that provide play areas for kids. We all know rental cost in Singapore is sky high. Hence I am all for supporting eateries that cut out some of their expensive store space to set up play areas for kids. I actively promote such businesses on my blog because I don’t want them to close down. As a parent of two super active boys, I NEED SUCH PLACES.

Hence, when I saw Frienzie Bar & Bistro, located at Punggol (Tebing Lane), posting photos of a bouncy castle on their Facebook Page, I happily brought the kids down to check it out!



But to my disappointment, this was what I saw when I arrived.


$5 for 15 minutes.




I didn’t want to accuse Frienzie of being misleading. So I scrutinized the photos posted on their Facebook page carefully, and found ONE picture that displayed a price.


So there was indication that the bouncy castle was not free. Just that I did not bother to enlarge the photos one by one before going and hence I did not notice it.

But why would I bother to do that?

We live in an era where we are spoiled rotten by the likes of District 10 at UE Square and Cafe Melba (see reviews by  Kidsrsimple and Cheekiemonkie) that set up a FREE bouncy castle for diners on weekends. When I saw the pictures on Frienzie’s Facebook page, I just naturally assumed it was the same. I have screen captured the actual postings by them above, I leave you to decide if it was my own fault for not checking carefully, or their posts were misleading.

Whatever it is, I did not dine there eventually. Firstly, I felt misled. Secondly, I wasn’t sure if the bouncy castle was even set up by Frienzie? It was set up in the open space in front of the restaurant and anyone passing by could go and play (as long as they payed), not just Frienzie’s diners.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, I want to support eateries that put in effort to set up kids-friendly facilities. Since I wasn’t sure if the bouncy castle was set up by Frienzie or they were just riding on someone else’s facility to draw business to themselves, I was not ready to sink my money in.

Nevertheless, I am still adding this place to my eateries with play areas page. If you want to find a place to dine where your kids can play nearby, you can consider heading to Tebing Lane. Frienzie is NOT the only eatery surrounding the bouncy castle. Other eateries next to the bouncy castle are:


popeyes punggol

(Image from We Love Punggol)


Address: Tebing Lane, Singapore 828836

Getting There: Riviera LRT station

Bouncy Castle: According to a comment left by one of Frienzie’s customer on their Facebook page, the bouncy castle is available on weekends, 4 to 10pm.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Whisk and paddle at tebing lane Punggol has a really nice play area next to the tables. We had a really enjoyable dinner there today 🙂

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