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Did you know that kids can do Yoga? Well, apparently I’m a mountain tortoise and didn’t know that.  Until Fun N Laughter invited me to attend a Yoga trial class by YogaBugs.

yogabugs singapore fun n laughter

Okay, photography and videography were not allowed in the class, so I am going to use screen captures from the YouTube video by YogaBugs.  When you have access to WIFI, you can go watch the whole 20-minutes video. :)

YogaBugs Singapore Class at Fun N Laughter

The class I attended was for 2 year olds.  The instructor explained that Yoga classes for 2 year olds involved a lot of story-telling and music.  The lesson I attended revolved around going on a jungle adventure (If the Barney song is ringing in your head now, you have been watching TOO MUCH Barney).

We started by rowing a boat to the jungle.  The kids were encouraged to sing ‘row row row your boat’ while doing a leg-stretching exercise (forward to 6:00 on the video to see it)

Yogabugs singapore 1

At the jungle, we encountered different animals and the kids had to do simple yoga poses associated with each animal.

First animal we spotted: A Lion! (Video 9:35)

yogabugs singapore 6

We see a tree! Let’s pose like a tree! (Video 11:00)

yogabugs singapore 2

Let’s put on binoculars to look further! (Video 11:40)

yogabugs singapore 7

We spotted a snake! (Video 13:00)

yogabugs singapore 3

And monkeys! (Video 14:40)

yogabugs singapore 4

The class ends with relaxation exercises with the lights switched off. (Video 18:10)

yogabugs singapore 5

It was an interesting experience.  However, my 2 year old boy was highly uncooperative and kept walking around the room and not doing what he was suppose to.  The other 2 girls, also the same age, were slightly more cooperative.  I personally felt the class would be more suitable for slightly older children, maybe 3-4 year olds.

if you are interested in attending one of these trial classes, do contact Fun N Laughter.  The time slots for upcoming classes are:

8 April 2015 (Wed) 10.30am to 11.15am
15 April 2015 (Wed) 10.30am to 11.15am

The class is a parent-accompanied class.  You are required to dress in light clothing and bring socks (for both parent and child).

Contact details (Fun N Laughter):
Tel: 6509 9766


Information on Fun N Laughter (City Square Mall)

Address: City Square Mall #B2-32, 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208539

Opening Hours: 10.30am to 9.30pm daily

Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page

Information on YogaBugs Singapore

YogaBugs Singapore does not have a permanent studio.  They go around to conduct classes and parties for children.

Websites: Official Homepage | Facebook Page

[disclaim]Disclosure:  This yoga class was a FREE trial.  I was not paid to attend, nor was i obliged to do a blog post for it. I’m just sharing because it’s the first time I attended a Yoga class for kids, and it was free so why not?[/disclaim]

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