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One evening, after having dinner at Thomson with my in-laws, my father-in-law made a random request to visit Upper Seletar Reservoir.  Visiting reservoirs is not my usual cup of tea (visiting playgrounds is), but since it was nearby and we could all do with some exercise after our heavy dinner, we decided to pop by.

singapore with kids upper seletar reservoir 1

The kids sure seemed excited!


Trivia Time!

“When was Upper Seletar Reservoir opened?”

Answer: 10 August 1969


singapore with kids upper seletar reservoir 2

Wow… I never realized this place has been around for so long! Learning something new everyday!

The obvious thing that my super energetic kids wanted to do was to climb the rocket tower.

singapore with kids upper seletar reservoir 4

Is that a rocket? I wanna blast off to the moon!


Seriously.. I think my kids should go join a vertical marathon.  They were still bouncing with energy after the climb to the top, while I was panting and sweating away! Do they realize how HOT Singapore is these days???

singapore with kids upper seletar reservoir 5 2

But the climb up to the top was pretty rewarding.  I would not have spotted that cool tree if we had not climbed up to the top!

singapore with kids upper seletar reservoir 6

Don’t you love that tree??


It reminded me of the Party Tree in Hobbiton… No?

New Zealand Hobbiton Party Tree

Hobbiton’s Party Tree.. See the resemblance?


Okay, imagine the Party Tree with its leaves fallen off.  Convinced? Yes? No? Never mind.. Party Tree or not, that tree was pretty striking!

Besides the funny tree, the kids were super excited to see helicopters flying around in the sky.  At one point, there were 5 helicopters in the sky at the same time!  That certainly got the kids screaming, “HELICOPTER! HELICOPTER!”

singapore with kids upper seletar reservoir 7

That’s not a dragonfly, that’s a helicopter.  It’s the best my MIL’s old iPhone could do.


The rest of the reservoir was not particularly exciting for the kids and it was getting dark soon, so we bid farewell to the reservoir.

singapore with kids upper seletar reservoir 3

As we were driving out, we decided to turn into a road with many wild monkeys lazing around to check out some monkeys. (Because my cynical 4 year old didn’t believe me when I told him there were wild monkeys in Singapore.)

singapore with kids upper seletar reservoir 9

The kids were particularly intrigued by the baby monkey clinging on to the mother. The mother didn’t look too happy with the oversized baby clinging on to her.  Mother monkey, I FEEL YOU.

singapore with kids upper seletar reservoir 8

Somehow, I wasn’t sure if it was us watching the monkeys, or the monkeys watching us.

singapore with kids upper seletar reservoir 10

The experience reminded me of our trip to Fuji Safari Park.  The kids were amused enough, and we didn’t have to take a plane!

Information on Upper Seletar Reservoir

Location: Along Old Upper Thomson Road

Official Website: NParks Singapore

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