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[warning]Update (April 2016):  Splash @ Kidz Amaze is now open at SAFRA Punggol.  You can read our review > on this post <. [/warning]

I was waking up to boring Monday blues.  As always, I checked my Facebook before I checked on my kids (bad habit, I know) and saw The Loving Mum sharing about a new indoor water playground opening soon (like 2016 soon) at Punggol SAFRA. Now THAT made me jump out of bed!

Kidz Amaze Punggol SAFRA indoor water playground 1

(Image Source: Punggol SAFRA)


The best part of it all.. It is going to be operated by Kidz Amaze.  And I am a Kidz Amaze member!! Okay, my son is, not me.  But same same.  Either ways, it means I will probably enjoy discounted entry when it opens? Hohoho….

kidz amaze jurong SAFRA

Kidz Amaze currently operates two indoor playgrounds (DRY ones) at Toa Payoh and Jurong SAFRA.


I went to SAFRA official website to verify the news, and yup, you can see ‘Kidz Amaze’ listed under the facilities of Punggol SAFRA.


Indoor playgrounds, I have been to tons.  Water playgrounds, equally ubiquitous.  Indoor water playground? Now that’s something NEW!

And freaking clever if you ask me.  This is SINGAPORE we are talking about.  1/3 time freaking hot, 1/3 time raining, 1/3 time hazy (which explains my obsession with INDOOR playgrounds in the first place).

Kidz Amaze Punggol SAFRA indoor water playground 2

(Image Source: Punggol SAFRA)


Not sure about you, but this news totally made my day!! Thanks Loving Mum!  But take a deep breath and hold your excitement…


Read carefully: Opening 2016.

The indoor playground junkie

While waiting till 2016, why not check out these other attractions?

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Information on Punggol SAFRA

Punggol SAFRA will be located along Sentul Crescent, near the upcoming Sam Kee LRT station.

Websites: Official Homepage

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  1. terrace says:

    great. can’t wait! the kids are going to love it!

  2. Lim roen says:

    When is it?

  3. Doreen says:

    Non safra member can go n how much is the enter fee

  4. Monica says:

    Is it open? Is there a shuttle bus there?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yup, it’s open! I’m not sure about shuttle bus, but you can take LRT to Sam Kee station from Punggol MRT. Sam Kee station is right across the road from Punggol SAFRA.

  5. Melissa Koo says:

    Look forward to your review now that it is open. Excited to hear about it.

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