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Animal Resort is one of the few reasons I am actually glad I stay in the North of Singapore. After reading about KidsRSimple’s visit to Animal Resort and realizing how near it was to my place, I whisked the kids off to check it out!

Animal Resort is basically like a little farm where kids (and adults – nothing stopping you) can go in and feed the animals.  Admission is FREE! But you can only feed using the food bought from their cafe. (The animal food, not the human food.)

animal resort seletar west farmway 1

Look for this counter to buy the animal feed.


They were very strict about not allowing anyone to feed any other food, so don’t try to be cheapo and bring your own animal feed.  Anyway the animal feed only cost $1 per pack or $2 for 3 packs.

There were many birds gathered around the counter, so we started with the feed for ‘2 legged animals’.

animal resort seletar west farmway 2

The two year old was a bit confused over what to do.


Since it was our first feed, I demonstrated by scattering some of the feed on the ground.  Suddenly, a huge flock of birds flew over and the boys RAN!!!

animal resort seletar west farmway 3

The boys keeping their distance.


I ended up being the one feeding the birds because the boys were terrified. Okay, so that didn’t turn out too well.  Let’s head to the horse.

animal resort seletar west farmway 4

For once, I was pretty glad the boys could not read yet.  I wouldn’t want them to know that the horse bites!

When we reached, the horse was grazing at the far end of the field.  The boys started shouting, “HORSEY!!! HORSEY!!!” The horse ignored them for quite some time.. And suddenly, it seemed to realize someone was calling him and started galloping over!!

animal resort seletar west farmway 5

And again, the boys freaked out when the horse galloped over, sticking its head over the fence! They quickly scrambled.

animal resort seletar west farmway 5 (2)



After some calming down, MY seemed like he wanted to feed the horse.

animal resort seletar west farmway 6

Slowly, he inched over and passed the carrot to the hungry horse.

animal resort seletar west farmway 7

MF, on the other hand, just stayed away and watched.

animal resort seletar west farmway 8

The horse was hungry alright, because he finished the carrots in a jiffy.

animal resort seletar west farmway 9animal resort seletar west farmway 10

Since we were out of food for the horse, we went to find the other animals.

Right beside the horse was this enormous bird!

animal resort seletar west farmway 11

I didn’t know what it was called.  Luckily there was a sign!

animal resort seletar west farmway 12

Apparently after conquering the horse, the earlier birds didn’t seem so scary to MY anymore.  He decided he wanted to feed them.

animal resort seletar west farmway 13

We passed by some roosters.  They were two legged too! So the boys throw some two-legged animals feed for them.

animal resort seletar west farmway 14

And out of nowhere, a bunch a ducks suddenly appeared beside the pond!

animal resort seletar west farmway 15

We bought some dried bread, which the boys threw to them.

animal resort seletar west farmway 16

Next, we headed to the fish and turtle pond.

animal resort seletar west farmway 17

Spot the turtle!


animal resort seletar west farmway 18

MY dunked the WHOLE packet of feed in at one go!

animal resort seletar west farmway 19

The elder brother shows him the proper way to do it, so that the fun will last longer.


Last, and definitely the least, was the house with rabbits and guinea pigs.  It was a mistake buying the feed for the rabbits and guinea pigs. When we reached the house, all the animals’ trays were FULL of the feed!! So the animals did not respond when the boys threw some feed into the cages and the boys said it was boring. Next time I shall buy carrots for the rabbits instead! At least the boys would be able to hold it and let the rabbits nibble.

animal resort seletar west farmway 20

At the end of the day, we washed up and bid farewell to the animals.  I was very happy that they had a very low sink for little kids to wash their hands! Saved me the hassle of lifting MY up to a sink to wash his hands.

animal resort seletar west farmway 21

In reality, the boys refused to leave and had to be dragged off.  They kept wanting to feed more and more and MORE.  It was super FUN and ADDICTIVE.  (You have been warned.  Prepare lots of $2 when you come.)

Please bring lots of mosquito repellant if you are visiting.  If you forget, no worries.  You can purchase from Animal Resort.  They sell those small mosquito repellent patch for 50 cents each, or a bottle of mosquito repellent spray for $10.


Information on Animal Resort Singapore

Address: 81 Seletar West Farmway 5, 798061

When I was there, Sengkang W Road was not open.  There was a sign that said it will open from 16 May 2015.  Before that, you need to enter via Jalan Kayu,

Please note the number


in the address.  When you drive along Seletar West Farmway 5, look out for the gate with a big number 81 and enter!  I thought there would be some sign or banner screaming “ANIMAL RESORT”, but there wasn’t.

Tel : +65 6482 1160

Opening Hours: 10am to 6pm Daily

Official websites: Homepage | Facebook Page

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  1. Thanks for the link! Since this is near you, I think you should be hopping by every month 🙂 Love this place! If you know of another one similar to this, let me know!

  2. LaySi says:

    Try Farmart! Got goat, giant catfish, tons of rabbits n turtles n frogs (!) n chicks n guineas pigs n parakeets for feeding. All kinds of feeds in a basket for $5. Free admission too! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pls dont feed rabbits with carrots. They cant take carrots. They can die from it.

  4. Karen says:

    Thanks for the information that tought me a lot before going?

  5. Hebron says:

    Great place for kids to experience the farm animals. Thanks for your sharing.

  6. Monica says:

    Hi.. are there any eateries nearby?

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Don’t recall seeing any eatery when I was there.. I would go to Jalan Kayu or Seletar Mall to eat before or after visiting the farm. The farm is not very big, you can finish visiting it quite quickly. There’s no need to hang around for meals.

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