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Update: The Snacksmith is no longer available.

We have all heard of newspaper subscriptions and magazine subscriptions.  But have you heard of SNACKS subscriptions?

You heard right. SNACKS subscriptions!

The Snacksmith is an online shop introducing the concept of snack subscriptions!  Every month, you will receive a little box filled with snacks for your kiddos.

The Snacksmith Snack Subscription Kiddo Boxes Review 1

You can watch your little ones’ eyes light up as they open the box to see what surprise is in store for them each month!  MY was super happy to find snack after snack packed into the tiny box!

The Snacksmith Snack Subscription Kiddo Boxes Review 3

The Kiddo Box that we received even came with a surprise TOY!

The Snacksmith Snack Subscription Kiddo Boxes Review 4

I wonder if The Snacksmith considered the gender and age of the child before deciding on the surprise toy.  Because my 2 boys LOVE CAT vehicles, but I’m not sure if girls would appreciate it as much.

And Kinetic Sand!  I got to say, you probably can’t do much with that 100g of kinetic sand.  But remember this is a subscription? Maybe after a few months, you would have enough kinetic sand to do a whole lot! Like THESE:

Kinetic Sand Singapore

OKAY! Back to the snack box! Look how they even bothered to tie up the snack bars nicely with a little string.  It’s like a present for the kid!

The Snacksmith Snack Subscription Kiddo Boxes Review 5

And MY couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into all those snacks!! I doubt they can last a month. Pretty sure they would be gone in a week.

The Snacksmith Snack Subscription Kiddo Boxes Review 6

And the kids can start looking forward to receiving their next snack box the following month!

The Snacksmith Snack Subscription Kiddo Boxes Review 7

The Perks of Snacks Subscription:

  • It’s a SURPRISE for the kids every month!
  • You get to sample different snacks.  No worries about buying a big packet of a certain snack only to find that your kid doesn’t like it and it goes to waste.  (Been there, done that.)
  • Try NEW snacks every month! Unless you request for repeated snacks, Snacksmith will send you DIFFERENT snacks every month.
  • If your kid particularly likes or dislikes a snack, let Snacksmith know! They can tweak the box to suit your demand.
  • No need to hang around waiting for the courier for days.  The delivery is done by Rocket Uncle who would send an SMS on the morning that he would be making the delivery.
  • The longer you subscribe, the cheaper it gets!
The Snacksmith Snack Subscription Kiddo Boxes Review 8

Opt for a 1-month trial, or save up to 20% for a 12 months subscription!


Ready to Snack?

The Snacksmith is a Singapore-based online shop.  To order or find out more about the products they offer, visit their official websites below:

Homepage | Facebook Page | Twitter | Instagram


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