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During the June holidays, I kept seeing photos of friends and family posing with Uniquely Singapore icons at Singapore Changi Airport.  So earlier this week, MY and I went on an outing to Singapore Changi Airport check them out!

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 03

Turned out, those icons were part of Singapore Changi Airport’s SG50 celebration.  There were 50 ‘Home Spots’ scattered around the 3 terminals, and a photography competition going on!

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 02

Here is a map of the 50 home spots, if you want to plan your route in advance.  You can also pick up this map around the airport.

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 01

Click on image to enlarge map.


When we were at the airport earlier in June for our Taiwan & Okinawa trip, we had taken photos with some of these icons at Terminal 2 already.

Homespot #01 Singapore Map Topiary

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 05

Homespot #10 Durian Topiary

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 06

A lot of people didn’t realize this, but you see that durian seed? It was actually a seat.  You can sit there to take photo, but please don’t rest there, unless photobombing other people’s photos is your hobby.

Okay, that was in June.  So during this outing, MY and I only explored Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.  We did not follow the map and just took photos of whatever homespots we came across.  Ready? Let’s GO!

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 04

Homespot #38 50 Fun Facts about Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 07

We started from Changi Aviation Gallery, located at the viewing gallery of Terminal 3.   Here, we found a very informative gallery with 50 enlightening snippets about Singapore Changi Airport.

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 08Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids 11

Homespot #45-50  Cardboard Exhibit

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 09

As we took the escalator down from the viewing gallery, we saw this SG50 exhibit on Level 2.  There, we found cardboard models of Singapore’s old (and current) airports!

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 10

They were all very cool, and reminded me of Carton King that we just visited in Taiwan!

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 11 Singapore Changi Airport SG50 13 Singapore Changi Airport SG50 14 Singapore Changi Airport SG50 15

One thing I learned, that was particularly intriguing, was that before Singapore had an airport, Old Race Course was used as a landing site for planes!

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 17Singapore Changi Airport SG50 16

Beside all these cardboard models, there was also a model of the current Singapore Changi Airport.  Just to show you how HUGE our airport was.  I couldn’t fit the whole thing into a photo.

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 18

Homestop #50 Luggage Wall of Greetings

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 20

Just next to the cardboard exhibits was this wall of luggage cases.  The display rack was built around Singapore icons.  Totally awesome.

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 19

Homestop #42 Awards & Accolades

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 21

As we walked towards the SkyTrain station, we passed by this mini control tower.  This homestop commemorates Changi Airport’s winning of Airport of the Year by Skytrax.  At the top of the model of the control tower, we saw the golden ‘World’s Best Airport’ plaque.

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 22

Homestop #41 SAF Mob Man Topiary

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 23

Continuing down the corridor towards the SkyTrain station, we passed by this NS Man topiary.  I’m not sure if the idea of an NS Man covered with flowers really went down with me.  Shouldn’t they use, err.. leaves maybe? You know, just to make it all rugged and macho.

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 24

Homestop #40 Singa The Courtesy Lion Topiary

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 25

I grew up in the era of courtesy campaigns hailed by Singa the Courtesy Lion.  So I totally could identify with this homestop.   Covering a coutesy lion with flowers made a lot more sense than covering an NS Man with flowers.

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 26

And zoom in on the kid please.  He looked like he was on his way to take a plane! LOL!

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 26 2

Homestop #39 Behind Changi: All in 60 Minutes

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 28

This homestop gives you a peek of how Changi Airport runs efficiently, handling almost 1000 flights a day round the clock.


Singapore Changi Airport SG50 29

And we finally arrived at the SkyTrain station in Terminal 3!  While this was not a homestop, SkyTrains-spotting is a must-do during this SG50 period.  Look out for the 5 different skytrain cabin designs, specially created in celebration of SG50!  (We hung around for quite a while and only spotted 3.)

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 30 Singapore Changi Airport SG50 31 Singapore Changi Airport SG50 33

Right after getting off the Skytrain at Terminal 1, there was this beautiful wallpaper used to cover up an area undergoing upgrading.  I don’t think this was part of the whole SG50 celebrations thingy, but it is still worth a mention.  Afterall, I am one of the 80% HDB Dwellers.

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 34

Homestop #21 Awards & Accolades

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 35

We passed by this homespot that looked EXACTLY like the one we saw earlier at Terminal 3.  Which made me wonder… how many of those golden plaques do they have?

Homestop #22 Singapore’s Pioneer Airlines

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 37

Ever wondered which airlines were the first to land in Singapore? This homestop tells you just that.

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 38

Homestop #20 Trishaw Topiary

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 39

This beautiful Trishaw Topiary located near the Departure Gate of Terminal 1 had a perpetual long queue of people waiting to take photos on the trishaw.  You can sit on the trishaw, or ride on the bicycle. But please spare a thought for the people waiting in the queue.  *roll eyes at the photo spot hogger who was in front of me.  If you look carefully at the photo below, bottom left hand corner, you can still see her blurry hands moving around in front of me.  She simply refused to get out of the way.*

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 40

While waiting for your turn to take a photo of the trishaw topiary, you can snap some photos with Singapore’s skyline by the side first.  OMG, I just realized, while typing this post, that the thing on the left is Esplanade.  Right?

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 41

Homestop #26 Dragon Playground

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 42

The dragon playground homestop was, unfortunately, inside the transit area of Terminal 1.  We took the escalator up to level 3, where the viewing gallery was, and managed to see it from above.

Homestop #23 My Changi Story

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 43

On Level 3 of Terminal 1, we spotted this pretty nostalgic homestop which displayed old photographs of people at Changi airport in the good ol days.

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 44 Singapore Changi Airport SG50 45

What was your most vivid memory of Changi Airport? Mine was of the big cylindrical tower with water dripping down at Terminal 1.  Anyone remembers that??? I swear I have a photo of that somewhere but I can’t find it.  But instead, I found this photo.

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 46

Remembers that map with all the clocks?? Super retro… And yeah, don’t doubt it.  That silly looking girl in the photo is me.  Back in those days, we couldn’t just delete and try again when the mum doesn’t give a warning and snaps a photo of us while we were unprepared.  We had ONE SHOT (because film was so expensive).  And that was it.

Homespot #02 Celebratory Arch

With that, we hopped on the bus home.  And along the way out, I got my camera ready to snap a photo of the homespot along Airport Boulevard.

Singapore Changi Airport SG50 47

I had a lot of fun at Changi Airport that day.  On top of chasing the homespots, MY also spent time at the various kids activities available at Changi Airport.  We had a great day out! If you haven’t already done so, do pop by Changi Airport before the event ends.  Which is… I don’t know when.  Just go before National Day.  Pretty sure they won’t take it down before National Day weekend is over!

Read more about Changi Airport!

Singapore Changi Airport Activities For Kids Collage

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I am going to check it out this weekend! 🙂 So much things to do!

  2. claudiasg says:

    Wow! Didn’t know about this and it share looks like fun to go around and spot the icons. But not sure if my girls are up to it, they’ll probably surrender after taking photos with two icons. Thanks for sharing!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Haha.. Noticed a lot of the icons that I took photo of didn’t have the kid inside? And he didn’t actually pose with most of them? But that is not to say that he did not enjoy checking them out. The cardboard exhibit was especially intriguing for him.

  3. Ai Sakura says:

    Wah didn’t know there were so many! I kept seeing the durian and Singa only.. I want to go and hunt them down too haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Love the brilliant carton boxes display! Always wondered how the people manage to do it.

    Shirley @ SAys! Happy Mums

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yeah, the carton models were really very cool. I was thinking, wah liao, went all the way to Taiwan to hunt down Carton King. When there was one right here at Singapore airport.

  5. S.Ching says:

    Wah!!! so detailed! … and I super love the retro clocks. I think I have a picture there too! Thanks for sharing… as always!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Hahah.. There weren’t that many photo spots at Changi Airport during our childhood days as compared to now.. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a photo of that retro clock! But I’m quite upset that I can’t find a photo of the dripping water thingy… Maybe it’s in one of my siblings’ albums.

  6. Pea says:

    A great way to spend time with the family and learn abt Singapore. Thks for sharing. 🙂

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yes, it was indeed very informative. Just that my 2 year old couldn’t appreciate much about history and heritage. But for older children (Primary school and above), it would be very educational!

  7. Kless says:

    That durian seed seat is so cute! What a very informative and detailed post. Thanks for sharing! Hoping to bring my kids soon. 🙂

  8. Wow! That’s an impressive list! I hope I get to chk them out before it’s over!

  9. Paula says:

    Aside from the creatively designed homestops, the other piece that got me was the golden ‘World’s Best Airport’ plaque. Aah, there you are! My kids will be in awe again when we visit the airport!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      According to the pamphlet, they have that plaque in all 3 terminals! LOL… Makes me wonder which is the original plaque and which are copies. But I think they are all copies and the original is probably hidden somewhere else.

  10. Jolin says:

    This is so interesting! Will definitely make a trip all the way East to check this out. Hope my boys will like it. I especially like the flowery courtesy lion.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yah! The Singa and the trishaw were the only 2 homestops where my kid went over and asked me to take photo of him there. The rest he kind of just wandered around.

  11. Edmund Tay says:

    Changi Airport is always so fun, and there are lots of things to do for the family. Will visit it again soon!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yes it is! Been to so many airports with the kids and not that I want to brag as a Singaporean, we do deserve the ‘World Best Airport’ award, as far as family friendliness is concerned. Although Taoyuan Airport’s priority queue at immigration for families with young children kind of swayed me over. LOL…

  12. Phoebe Lau says:

    Gosh! I am not aware of the happenings at Changi Airport! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully i can bring my kids there to take some pictures too

  13. Lydia C. Lee says:

    Who doesn’t love Changi??!!

  14. I’m in shock about SG50 – so detailed and so much to do! I am jealous we don’t have something here like this! Thanks for sharing on #MondayEscapes

    • bumblebeemum says:

      SG50 is just really HUGE in Singapore, as we celebrate our 50th national day. 50 years is really short compared to the likes of countries such as England with long and rich history. But as young nation, everyone is really excited to celebrate our country’s 50th birthday in 2 days’ time and events such as this one are spread out all over the country!

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