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To be honest, the thought of hanging up an oil painting in my home has never crossed my mind.  It seemed like an atas thing that only rich people do in their luxurious homes.  Afterall, oil paintings usually don’t come cheap.


That was until I was introduced to My Petit Espace.  My Petit Espace is a Singapore-based shop that does CUSTOMISED oil paintings.  I browsed through their past works on their website and instagram and was intrigued! Because I realised that oil paintings need not be arty-farty.    They can be cute.


They can be extremely bright and colourful..


They can be incredibly cool.


And they can be customised to fit nicely into a space of any size!



My Experience with My Petit Espace

After being inspired by their past works, I suddenly had plenty of ideas what kind of painting I could put up in our home.  I kept changing my mind… Initially I wanted a family portrait.  Then I wanted to do one of my kids when they were newborns.  Then I thought of putting up one of Mount Fuji, since you know.. I love Japan? Oh, I know! I shall do one from our vacation photos!

So happily, I went to my portable hard disk to find a nice photo.  But to my horrors, I realised all my photos from our summer Hokkaido trip last year were corrupted!!

Screenshot (343)

A travel avid’s greatest nightmare: Discovering that all your travel photos are gone! #firstworldproblems


But I guess that gave me even more incentive to have an oil painting as a memorabilia for this particular trip!  So what I did… I went to find a friend who went to Hokkaido recently to ask for a photo of the flower fields of Furano.

furano flower fields 2

Next, I looked for the most decent photo I could find of my boys.

boys 2

And I sent the two photos to My Petit Espace and asked if they could put my boys into the flower fields to recreate my travel moment.   They were extremely professional about it, photoshopping my boys into the flower fields and re-adjusting the size and position until I was happy.  After I approved the photo, they sent the painting to be made.  Here is a picture of the photo (top) and the artwork (bottom).

customised oil painting - Bumble Bee Mum

I thought my older boy was very well drawn – look at the details of his clothes and bag! But my younger boy looked a bit plumper than in the photo.   Anyway if you are not happy with the art work that they email you, please voice it out until you are happy.  I quote the refund policy on their website:

Refund Guarantee Policy?

Mypetitespace.com offered a refund guarantee for all our Oil Paintings.

You will be able to check your painting (via email) once it is completed by our skilled artists.  We advise you to give us your comments.  We will work on the amendments as per your comments.  Nothing is too much as it is our desire to provide you a satisfied painting and we will work hard to fulfill this.

In the event; if after the amendments; that you are still unhappy with our artwork, just let us know and we will refund the full amount to you.

We are however, confident that we will be able to gain another happy customer.

Kindly note that refund request will no longer be possible beyond this stage where your approval is given on the painting.

So back to my painting.  I was happy enough with the art work they sent me and gave my approval.  Framing is usually not included with oil paintings.  For customers in Singapore, My Petit Espace offers gallery wrap framing.  Note that there will be a $40 delivery fee for framed paintings.

customised oil painting - Gallery Wrapped Frame

Gallery wrap framing


If you are from overseas, it is recommended to have the painting delivered to you without any framing to minimize chances of damage to the painting.  I had mine framed by My Petit Espace so that I could hang it up immediately!

Brightening up my home with a new oil painting from @mypetit_espace ! The beautiful colours of #hokkaido #furano flower fields sure adds vibrance to my living space. You can now customise an oil painting of your favourite #travelmoment to keep reliving the moment, or put up one of your family / children in your home to wow your guests. Quote Art10BBM to receive 10% discount off your customised oil painting from @mypetit_espace or select one from their online gallery to brighten up your home! FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY*!! (*For unframed paintings.) #bumblebeemumtravels #bumblebeemuminjapan #japan #japantravel #japantrip #hokkaido #hokkaidotravel #hokkaidotrip #mondayescapes #traveltuesday #wednesdaywanderlust #travelthursday #sgparentblogger #sgmombloggers #sgmumbloggers #instapassport #instatravel #travelgram #travelmomento #travelmoment #sponsored #homedecor #homedecoration

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Overall, I had a lot of fun working with My Petit Espace on my customised painting.  They were extremely prompt in their replies and you can tell they take a lot of pride in their work.

In Summary…

My Petit Espace offers you

  • Full customization of design and sizing
  • FREE Worldwide Delivery (for unframed paintings)
  • Impeccable customer service

Readers Discount

Specially for Bumble Bee Mum readers, My Petit Espace is offering a 10% discount for all oil paintings! Be it customized or paintings from their online gallery, quote Art10BBM to enjoy a 10% discount! Valid till 15 November 2015.

To receive a quotation for your customised painting, simply send your picture / photograph (300 dpi) and your desired dimension to mypetitespace@gmail.com.  Absolutely no obligations! 🙂

For more information, visit My Petit Espace on their official website, Facebook page or Instagram.

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  1. Karen says:

    Hi, been wanting to contact mypetitespace for artworks, but there’s been many months of silence. Do you know if they are still in operation?

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