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Legend Hotel - Kaohsiun, Taiwan - Bumble Bee Mum

When I was researching for accommodation in Taiwan many months back, I had a long list of Themed hotels / minsu that I WANTED to stay in because they looked so fabulous. But oh well, we had budget constraints.  Eventually, out of that long list, we only stayed at Leofoo Resort Guanshi and Legend Hotel.  The rest of the time was spent in the cheapest *yawns* hotels we could find in each region.  This week, I shall share with you the second most exciting stay (first was Leofoo Resort Guanshi) we had during our Taiwan trip: At Legend Hotel in Kaohsiung.

Legend Hotel Lobby

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 02

I am a sucker for all things cute and pretty.  When I saw a photo of that cute train in the lobby while surfing through Agoda, I immediately clicked on it.  Of course, it helped that the price of a room was less than SGD100.  So please note that this is NOT a luxury hotel nor business hotel.  It is a BUDGET boutique hotel targeted at backpackers and families on a tight budget.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 03

The moment we stepped into Legend Hotel’s lobby, it was exactly as promised.  Colourful. Vibrant.  Guaranteed to get the kids excited!

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 04

There was a small rest area at the lobby with coffee service 24/7.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 01

And while the parents relax at the corner sipping their coffee, the children can entertain themselves with the XBox 360 nearby.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 05

To help guests find their way around, there was a customised map of the hotel vicinity at the lobby.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 06

There was also a guide to night markets in Kaohsiung (because you know, night markets are the only reason I visit Taiwan?).  You can find recommendations of what to eat and where to find them.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 07

There was also an outdoor relaxation corner.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 08

Upon check-in, we receive two wishing owls.  I think we were supposed to write our wishes and hang them on the wishing tree in the lobby.  But the owls were so cute, we decided to keep them as souvenirs. :p

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 09 (1) Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 09 (2)

Our Room at Legend Hotel

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 10

We initially wanted to book a quad room for our family of 4.  However, their quad rooms were sold out for our date and we made do with a double room.  We are used to squeezing in double rooms for our vacations to save money anyway.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 11

Our kids are super well-trained from staying in super tiny hotel rooms in Japan.  To them the bed here was considered huge – big enough for them to wrestle on the bed without falling off.  *roll eyes*

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 12

There was a small desk in the room, where we found FREE instant noodles and Pepsi in the drawer!

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 13

And the chair provided was not any normal chair – it was a rocking chair! Needless to say, the kids found it quite entertaining – until they rocked themselves onto the floor.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 14

And oh, this I must mention.  I think EVERY hotel room should have this: A power point that fits all types of plugs.  How difficult is it to install something like this? How come so few hotels have them??

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 15

Laundry Room

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 22

And after raving about the power point, the auntie in me is going to rave about the Laundry Room.   If you know me, I travel VERY LIGHT.  I pack like 3 days worth of clothing max.  Along the way, I do laundry.   Nothing makes me happier than to find a laundry room at a hotel.  Especially a FREE one.  Yup, I repeat.  FREE LAUNDRY.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 24

Not just free washer, my friends.  Free dryers too!  And of course, free detergent.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 26

There was also an iron and ironing board.  Not that I used them.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 25

One thing I would like to warn you about the laundry room: You see the railings next to the staircase leading to the laundry? The gap between the railings were huge and big enough for kids to fall through. So best not to bring the kids along when you are going up to the laundry room, it is quite dangerous.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 23


Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 16

Breakfast was included in our stay, but we skipped it because we were rushing to Taichung the next morning and had plans to have breakfast at Matina Mill.  But that did not stop me from going into the cafetaria to take photos.  Because the pictures on the cafetaria wall were SO CUTE!

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 17

If you look closely, the picture on the wall was made up of many food buildings.  How creative is that? Let me just spam you with more pictures, because I loved them so much.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 18 Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 19 Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 20 Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 21

The Lifts

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 27

I love the lift doors at Legend Hotel.  On every floor, there was a different picture on the lift door.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 28 (2) Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 28

Realised I said I love the lift DOORS? Well, that’s as far as my love for the lift goes.  The lift itself was pretty sad.  It was SUPER SMALL and cramp.  After pushing our stroller in, there was barely any space left.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 09 (3)

The Corridors

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 35

I had quite a lot of fun during my stay, going from floor to floor to check out all the drawings along the corridors.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 32

Every floor had a different theme.  There was wedding theme, circus theme, train theme, picnic theme etc.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 33Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 34Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 37Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 42

I particularly liked the second floor, where the room number was incorporated into the pictures.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 44

And check out the fire hoses.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 46

And drinking fountains!

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 45

I absolutely loved their creativity!

In Summary…

I highly recommend Legend Hotel if you are looking for a budget accommodation in Kaohsiung.  Our double room cost about SGD90 a night – inclusive of breakfast.  I found it pretty value for money. And I absolutely loved the availability of free laundry!

Location wise, the hotel was a short walk to Liouhe Night Market where we went for dinner.  The hotel also provided free shuttle service to and fro Formosa Boulevard Station and Kaohsiung Train station.

Legend Hotel Kaohsiun Taiwan Review 47

Have you visited Kaohsiung before?

What was your best boutique hotel experience?

Information on Legend Hotel

Address: 秝芯旅店:高雄市前金區新盛一街55號

Map: Show location on Google Maps

TEL: 886-7-2877766

Official website: Homepage | Facebook Page

Secure a room at Legend Hotel now!


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Legend Hotel - Kaohsiun, Taiwan - Bumble Bee Mum

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  1. Lydia C. Lee says:

    What a crazy hotel! I love the murals, esp on the lifts!

  2. It just goes to show what hotels can do on a budget to make their hotel unique, fun, cool whilst still being clean and modern.

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Indeed. I would be thrilled to be here as a backpacker.. Their single room only cost about SGD50 and looks so much nicer and more comfortable than those backpacker inns I used to stay in! And their quad rooms are super value for money, costing just a bit more than a double room. Real bummer I didn’t manage to get a quad room.

  3. Adeline says:

    Wow I’m impressed that a budget hotel looks this good! I love the cute murals in the corridors and on the lift doors. Having a laundry room in the hotel is definitely more convenient, since I can pack lighter, and leave more room in my luggage for shopping! ?

  4. mmlittlee says:

    Truly decent and definitely a happy place to stay for families with kids. To think it is priced below $100 is amazing because it’s well-equipped and the room looks luxurious enough to stay in the whole day through!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Before I went Taiwan, I thought hotel rooms / Minsu in Taiwan should be quite cheap. But ended up I had a super hard time finding anything below SGD100. Legend Hotel was really a rare gem.

  5. Shermeen says:

    I booked thia for 2 nights in december. Looking forward to explore now that you made it sound super fun.

  6. ohhh another super fun hotel! I think my favorite aspect are the painted elevators, I am not sure why but I want to ride in all of them lol

  7. Phoebe says:

    Wow! I love budget boutique hotels! This really looks like a decent one and its clean and cute! If I were to go Kao Hsiung .. will definitely check this out! Hopefully it has a 2 queen bed room for our family to fit in. 🙂

  8. Angie.S says:

    The Taiwanese are superb at hospitality. Such a clean, tidy, cheery and well kept hotel at budget pricing, with breakfast and launderette facilities! Only possible in Taiwan 😀

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Actually it is possible in Hokkaido too. Just got to know where to find them. I seldom spend more than $100 on a double room in Hokkaido’s cities. But laundry is usually not free there. :p

  9. Debs G says:

    I love the wall murals! They are very cool. What a great budget find!

  10. Wow ! They have really gone over the top to cater for the kids – looks at those murals! Thanks for linking up with #wednesdaywanderlust

  11. What a gorgeous hotel for kids! And I love that mural above the bed. Good price too for what you got , which can be hard to find there.

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