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Singapore Garden Festival 2016 - Bumble Bee Mum

Singapore Garden Festival… Where do I even begin.  Maybe I should begin by saying..



I am a huge fan of flowers and gardens.  When I first heard of Singapore Garden Festival to be held at Gardens by the Bay, I went to check their website but still couldn’t quite figure out what the whole festival was about.


I contemplated purchasing tickets to the festival online, but was totally confused whether as a Friends of the Gardens member, I still needed a ticket to the festival.  (I figured that out btw.  Members of Gardens by the Bay still need to purchase tickets for the festival.  But we can get 20% discount.)


Thanks to the confusion, I decided not to buy my tickets until the event itself.  And lucky me, I received a media invitation to the festival.  Which not just saved me $12 minus 20% discount, but we were allowed to enter the festival earlier than the official opening time.  (i.e. beat the crowd!)


We arrived and entered the festival at about 9am.   Since there was no crowd, we slowly took our time to go around taking random photos near the entrance.


But lo and behold, it started to RAIN!! ARGH!!

It rained on and off until about 10am when the festival was open to the public and in came the crowd.  So there went our media privileges.  Never mind.  At least it stopped raining.  I would take crowd + sunshine over no crowd + rain anytime.  Really, I have had enough of rain during our recent Hokkaido trip.

After the sun came out, we got to enjoy most of the festival.  Actually no.  We only covered like.. two-thirds of the gardens before the kids had to take their naps.


Singapore Garden Festival was held over a HUGE area.  There were four main sections:  Bayfront Plaza, The Meadow, Flower Dome and Marketplace.


In our visit on opening day, we only managed to visit The Meadow and Bayfront Plaza.  So in this post, I am just going to blog about these two areas.

The Meadow

Driving to Gardens by the Bay, direction signs told us to park at the carpark near The Meadow for Singapore Garden Festival.  We found ourselves at Ticketing D, right after which we entered via the Grand Floral Walk.


There were some open air displays, including Lindy’s Ginger Garden and Checkmate on our left.


In front of us was Tea Time!, which was a display of many teacups with orchids inside.


The path split up from here.  If you turn right, you would find the Balcony Gardens.


I loved Balcony Gardens, which showed how balconies could be transformed into gardens.


Not that I would incorporate these ideas to my home because it means more housework for me.


Continuing down the path, you would see Gary’s Musical Flower Field.


I played a game of ‘finding the mouse’ here with the boys to see who could spot the mouse hiding in the flowers first.  MF won.


Next, you would pass by the area for the Landscape Design Challenge.  Since we were there early in the morning on opening day, the competition hasn’t even begun yet, so there was nothing for us to see.

And after the landscape design challenge area, it was my favourite open air display at the Meadow – Benny’s Sunflower Farm!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE sunflowers can?? It helped that the sunflowers were surrounded by bumble bees and, well, I am Bumble Bee Mum so I am totally biased.


Moving on, there were the Landscape Gardens – which were GORGEOUS!!


Visitors were allowed to enter some of the landscape gardens while others were see-no-touch.


And as you walk towards the Bayfront Plaza area, you will not miss Secret Garden – which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!


I felt like I had stepped into the world of Alice in Wonderland or something.


Inside the Secret Garden, there were many bronze sculptures surrounded by orchids.


There were soooo many varieties of orchids on display!


Including Aranda Lee Kuan Yew, which was displayed alongside Vanda Kwa Geok Choo.

Did you know that the Aranda Lee Kuan Yew is on display at Singapore Gardens Festival 2016? This #orchid hybrid was named in honour of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's first Prime Minister who passed away last year. * You can find this orchid at the Secret Garden, together with Vanda Kwa Geok Choo, during Singapore Garden Festival 2016 from today till 31 July at Gardens by the Bay @gardensbythebay @sggardenfest * #bbmlocaltourist #gardensbythebay #gardensbythebaysingapore #sggardenfest #singaporegardenfestival #sgf2016 #cityinagarden #nparksbuzz #sunflowers #marinabay #marinabaysands #mediainvite #Singapore #singaporetrip #singaporetravel #singaporeinsiders #YourSingapore #travelblog #travelblogger #iamtb #mondayescapes #traveltuesday #wednesdaywanderlust #travelthursday #citytripping #myfavouritetrip #familytravelhq #wanderlust #instatravel

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While I was fighting with the crowd to take photos of Aranda Lee Kuan Yew and Vanda Kwa Geok Choo, the kids started shouting, “Centipede! Centipede!”  I rushed over and there it was! Okay, I am no biologist so I am not sure if that creepy crawly was indeed a centipede.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you about creepy crawlies in the garden.


And after exiting Secret Garden and before crossing over to the Bayfront Plaza, there were the Chairs of the Giants.


In the centre of the Meadow, you will see an *air-conditioned* tentage housing Fantasy Gardens.


It was pretty dark inside Fantasy Gardens and the kids were pretty scared to enter initially.


But they soon realised that they were allowed to enter some of the gardens – which was pretty fun for them.  Especially this one where they could cross the bridge.  I was frankly terrified that they would drop into the water because it was so dark.  Thank goodness that did not happen.


Rising of the Flowers Saga

As you cross the bridge between The Meadow and Bayfront Plaza, please look to your left and right.  I was so focused on avoiding the buggies while crossing the bridge that I did not notice there were spinning orchids in the waters by the side.  Till the kids shouted, “Mama!! Look!! The flowers are turning!!”


Bayfront Plaza

By the time we reached Bayfront Plaza, it was past noon and scorching hot.  And the whole plaza was crazy crowded! I wasn’t in the mood to orientate myself and we just roamed around the plaza randomly.  And when I came home to look at the map, I realised I missed out quite a bit of stuff at Bayfront Plaza.  So what I have below is by no ways comprehensive (though frankly I think it’s a lot already).


Coming over from The Meadow, we walked along the Chess Avenue.


We came to Garden of Sight which was so beautiful! I loved the colourful topiaries!


And they attracted many butterflies! Okay, actually we saw butterflies all around the festival.  But only the one at Garden of Sight stopped for us to take photos of it.  Talk about attention-seeking!


But our attention for the butterfly was short-lived and eventually drawn towards the super duper cool dome.


How gorgeous is that! I LOVE the dome!!


You know how Singapore is aspiring to be City in a Garden?  No no, not ‘garden city’.  Garden City is passe.  Apparently we already achieved that vision so now we need to move on to become ‘City in a Garden’.   I couldn’t help noticing ‘City in the Garden’ quite literally at the dome.


Okay, I know I’m lame.  Moving on…

We came to two air-conditioned (HOORAY!) exhibition halls.  We tried to enter the first one but we couldn’t even get in because it was so jam packed! Apparently everyone needed the air-con.

So we went to the other exhibition hall which housed Floral Windows to the World and Celebrations! Floral Table Series.


The displays in the exhibition hall were crazy COOL!! I shan’t spoil it for you, you have to go and see them for yourself!


And the floral table series was insane.  How do you even eat at dining tables like that??


After we exited the air-conditioned hall (somewhat reluctantly), we saw another air-conditioned area and made a beeline for it.  It was the Learning Garden.  The kids picked up a WORKSHEET each.  I would have called it an activity sheet, but the staff used the word ‘worksheet’.  She was like, “Hi, have your kids gotten a worksheet?”  I was thinking, “So serious.. Come Learning Garden must do worksheet.”


The kids never completed their worksheet.  Though they loved the Learning Garden, which showcased plants that were used in food.


They were super amused by the colourful chilies – and frankly so was I! Purple chili! I wonder how spicy chili is when they are purple.


At the various cooking stations, the kids picked up the ingredients and smelled them.  After which they gave a rating of ‘Mmmm, yummy!’ or ‘Ewww, yucks!’


Well, that was fun.  Really.  I wish we could stay there all day to enjoy the aircon learning, but we had to leave and not hog up the tiny space.  Somehow we missed everything else at Bayfront Plaza and only saw the Community in Bloom sign.


We passed by some really beautiful (okay, I seriously need to widen my vocabulary beyond ‘beautiful’) open-air displays before deciding to call it a day.


The Tasty Spoon by TCC

For our brunch, we headed to The Tasty Spoon by TCC, which was at The Meadow, near Ticketing D.  They had tables and chairs for dining there (and aircon!), but seating was very limited.  We managed to get a table as we were there early.

They had sandwiches, pasta, light snacks, coffee, alcoholic drinks etc on their menu.


I thought their pasta was pretty reasonably priced at $10 nett.


But the ham & cheese sandwich, which also cost $10 nett, was kind of blah.  The ham & cheese sandwich from Cafe Crema near the flower dome / cloud forest is much nicer.   Reminder to self to stick to the pasta here.


In Summary…

I super enjoyed my visit to Singapore Garden Festival.  Despite the rain in the morning and scorching hot sun in the afternoon.  I totally plan to visit it again next week, since I missed out on a lot of stuff during this visit.  I didn’t even reach the flower dome!!


The only gripe I had was the perpetual long queues for the female toilets.  There were temporary toilets set up around the festival though, but still there were queues for them too.  Though not as long as the female toilet queues.

Thank goodness my need-to-keep-going-toilet kids are boys.


Tips for Visiting:

  • Bring rain coat / umbrella in case in rains
  • Slap on the sunblock – there is a lot of walking in the sun involved
  • Bring your sunglasses / sunhats / caps etc.  The sun is merciless.
  • Bring water.  Stay hydrated.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes.  The gardens is HUGE!
  • You may want to do the flower dome in the afternoon when it is the hottest and do the outdoor areas either early in the morning once they open or in the late afternoon / evening when it is more cooling.
  • Make sure you get your hands chopped for re-entry once you enter.  It is very easy to accidentally walk out of the ticketed areas and find yourself having to re-enter.

Admission Fees:


(Includes entry to Singapore Garden Festival & Flower Dome)

Weekday Weekend All Days
Adult $12 $16 $23
Senior Citizen (≥ 60 years old) $6 $9 $23
Child (3-12 years old) $6 $9 $17


  • Tickets include admission to the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay from 23 – 31 July 2016.
  • Friends of the Gardens members get 20% discount off Singapore Garden Festival tickets.
  • Show Passion Card / NTUC Plus! Card / SAFRA Card for 10% discount. Click here for full list of card discounts.

Information on Singapore Garden Festival 2016:

Date: 23 July – 31 July 2016

Hours: 10am to 10pm daily  (Flower Dome is open 9am to 10pm daily)

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Getting There: Bayfront MRT (CE1 / DT16)

Official Website: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram | Twitter

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Singapore Garden Festival 2016 - Bumble Bee Mum


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  1. quite imaginative and colourful!;) #city tripping
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  2. mmlittlee says:

    Now I regret not going for the media invite! It’s really beautiful and the people behind the setup *two thumbs up* It’s such a pity that so much work had been put into it and the exhibition will last only till end of the month.

    I think the balcony gardens are brilliant! So beautiful! Then I suddenly thought about all the bugs that will come visiting. Plus, without green fingers, I am going to send a lot of time clearing dead plants and flowers. Unless they are artificial garden balconies in my home!

    It was a terrible Saturday morning I must agree. The weather I meant. The rain was coming on and off so many times. #citytripping

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I know right.. So much effort to set up the whole thing and it’ll be gone in a bit more than a week.

      Hahaha.. Welcome to the no-green-fingers club. I can never imagine maintaining a garden in my home. They’re pretty no doubt but the work that comes with it… Ermm.. I think I stick to visiting Gardens by the Bay.

  3. Lolo says:

    It’s totally like something out of a Disney movie! That’s my kind of garden! 🙂 #CityTripping
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  4. Ahila says:

    Beautiful garden festival.

  5. Ahila says:

    My earlier comment got posted before I completed my sentence 🙂 The Balcony gardens and the knight on Chess Avenue are my favourites. #CityTripping

  6. Those gardens look lovely! I’ve just visited the local Botanic Garden in Tromso this weekend and am still amazed by all those different and incredibly colourful flowers! Would love to see the Gardens in Singapore. Can imagine that the flowers there are even more incredible!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I imagine Tromso to be covered in snow most of the time. It must be such a joy to watch the snow melt away and flowers bloom! It’s like my trips to Hokkaido in summer.. I could just feel the eagerness of the locals to get out to the parks and gardens to enjoy the warmth and colours during the summer months.

  7. tots2travel says:

    I’ve been to Singapore twice and I’ve got a soft spot for it. It’s so green and lush. A Garden Festival is a perfect idea.

  8. MummyTravels says:

    How amazing – like a whole botanical gardens suddenly got transported there but with added quirkiness. You really do feel like you fell down the rabbit hole. So much to see there too. #citytripping
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  9. How wonderful! This kind of looks like my ideal place as I am obsessed with visiting gardens and seeing all of the flowers and plants. This looks just beautiful and huge, I also like the unique parts to it too 🙂

  10. An incredible exhibition… definitely reminds me of Alice in Wonderland…shame it’s only going to last a short time. I LOVE your photographs and I am particularly impressed you managed to capture the butterfly so well. Thanks for linking to #citytripping
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  11. Ruth says:

    Don’t you love when you are invited to an event as media? The festival looks very over the top. Love how much detail the organizers paid to the exhibitions. I love flowers so this would be an event I would like to attend. When I was a kid, my dad used to take me to a flower festival. I have good memories from those times.
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  12. What a lovely colorful event! I would have loved to walk around these gardens and take in all the beautiful flowers! Thanks for linking up! 😀

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