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Froth - Artistic Fusion Dining @ Ascott Raffles Place Singapore - Bumble Bee MumLast weekend, So Amazingly Bums (Nat from so.natty.sg, Mabel from Amazingly Still and I the Bum) found ourselves invited to Ascott Raffles Place.  Not for a staycation (maybe we should go for a staycation together one day, I’m sure we’ll have a hilarious time.  Let me put that in my bucket list), but for what else but FOOD!   This time round, we had our kids with us – because we were visiting Froth, where KIDS DINE FREE on weekends!

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 40

Singapore CBD Area is not place I step into very often.  As a stay-home mum (or work-from-home mum, I like to think of myself as the latter), I often feel out of place whenever I go to Raffles Place area.  At least on weekdays.  On weekends, it is kind of a ghost town imo.  Which is why some food establishments in the area have taken steps to push out family-friendly dining on weekends to attract diners.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 49

Froth is a spacious family-friendly restaurant located on the second floor of Ascott Raffles Place.   As someone who has never worked in Raffles Place area before, I tell you, Raffles Place is a MAZE.  Read carefully, it’s not Amazing, it’s a MAZE, literally.  But Ascott Raffles Place was super easy to find – it was right outside Exit I of Raffles Place MRT.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 48

Since the husband had to work in the morning, I brought the boys down by myself first and was so happy to not get lost.

We arrived to double the noise (Usually Mabel, Nat and I alone are noisy enough.  Add in kids, well… You just imagine.), double the food, double the cameras.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 47Image Credit: Life’s Tiny Miracles

But okay.  We tried to be a bit more restrained in the presence of the master of photography, David from Life’s Tiny Miracles.  Better don’t sia suay (embarrass) ourselves in front of the real pro.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 45

In order to showcase as many dishes as possible, we had an agreement to order different dishes as far as possible.  So I recommend you read all our reviews for a complete picture of the visit:

Soups & Starters

We started the meal with a choice of soup or starter.  I picked the Duck Kut Teh ($10.90++) because it promised to be very photo-worthy.  Yes, I choose my food based on looks, not taste.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 04

Right from the start of the meal, I came to appreciate that the food at Froth was not just food.  They were pieces of ART.  I kid you not.  The Duck Kut Teh was served with the ingredients painstakingly arranged like an artwork in a bowl with the soup served in a separate pot.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 05

Mabel, who has been appointed the official hand model of So Amazingly Bums, did the honours of pouring and immediately we knew why they had to serve the ingredients and soup separately.  Because when she poured in the soup, the melon started to open up and fall apart, ruining the artwork!  (Yeah, that orange thing was melon, not carrots.)

Have you heard of Duck Kut Teh? No, not Bak Kut Teh but DUCK Kut Teh. Nestled in Singapore's CBD, Froth @froth.sg gives local dishes a new twist to delight both locals and travellers alike. Located at Ascott Raffles Place @ascott_ltd, we started our meal with Duck Kut Teh, a duck broth that has been simmered for 12 hours! Yumz!! * #bbmlocaltourist #bumblebeemumeats #frothsg #AscottLifestyle #ascottrafflesplace #mediainvite #hungrygowhere #eatoutsg #burpple #burpplesg #sgfood #foodsg #sgfoodie #sgfoodporn #sgmakandiaries #whati8today #nomnomsg #openricesg #sgigfoodies #foodphotography #singaporetravel #singaporetrip #singaporeinsiders #YourSingapore #VisitSingapore #travelblog #travelblogger #sonya6000 #sonyalpha #SonyAlphasClub

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The Duck Kut Teh had an acquired taste.  Not everyone could appreciate the mix of melons, radish, cresses and duck – but I LOVED IT!!!

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 06

When you learn to enjoy food with acquired tastes, it’s a sign of aging.  But I admit it – I’m old.  So I was a BIG fan of this Duck Kut Teh.  I slurped up every bit of that broth that has been brewed for 12 hours.

The husband went with the Doritos Crust Winglets ($16.90++).  Chicken with Dorito chips – who would have thought it would make such a great combi! Although spicy Dorito chips were used, it was not too spicy and my kids ate them happily.  The best part – the bones were removed from the winglets which made them so convenient to eat!

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 01

Nat ordered the Aburi Lobster Salad ($19.90++) which was OMG SO GOOD.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 02

The lobster was torched with squid ink mentai mayo and Nat was kind enough to let me have one piece.  I wished I could have more!! But Nat looked hungry so I better not eat too much of her starter.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 44

The salad was drizzled with a homemade Goma sauce which reminded me so much of Japan.  And that perfectly poached egg.  Mmmmm…

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 03

Nat’s husband ordered Spam Fries ($15.90++) which was served with a special house dip.  I never thought of ordering this because I thought, why would I pay $15.90++ for spam right?  When I can buy a tin of spam for $3 and fry it at home?  But gosh… The ones here were so good.  With the sauce, it was perfect!  Mabel and I were like drooling all over it!!! We each snitched a piece before handing it over to Nat’s husband.  Hahaha…

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 07

One of Froth’s signature dishes was the Hot & Cold Foie Gras ($23.90++).  It looked so photo-worthy, but Mabel, Nat and I didn’t eat Foie Gras.  So David ‘sacrificed’ and ordered it and we got to take photos of it! Haha.. You would have to hop over to his review to find out how it tasted.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 09

The hot foie gras was pan-seared and served on toasted butter brioche, and of course decorated like a piece of art.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 10

While the chilled foie gras was served with apple and kiwi puree.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 08


Moving on to the mains! Mabel ordered one of their signature dishes, Five Spice Wagyu Patty Burger ($34.90++) which she said was SUPER good!!  I would have ordered this too! But we agreed to order different mains to try out and well, Mabel arrived earlier so the early bird got the burger.   Just like how the Duk Kut Teh was inspired by Bak Kut Teh, this wagyu patty burger was inspired by traditional ngoh hiang!

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 11

Mabel also ordered the SioBak Aglio ($25.90++).  The Sio Bak (roasted pork belly) looked so good!! But I have no idea how it tasted, you got to ask Mabel.

Do you like sio bak (roasted pork belly)? At Froth @froth.sg, East meets West in this SioBak Aglio where our beloved sio bak is served with linguine and topped with Bak-Kwa inspired bacon. Super love the #UniquelySingapore creativity behind their fusion dishes. Only available at Froth on level 2 of Ascott Raffles Place hotel @ascott_ltd. * #bbmlocaltourist #bumblebeemumeats #frothsg #AscottLifestyle #ascottrafflesplace #mediainvite #hungrygowhere #eatoutsg #burpple #burpplesg #sgfood #foodsg #sgfoodie #sgfoodporn #sgmakandiaries #whati8today #nomnomsg #openricesg #sgigfoodies #foodphotography #singaporetravel #singaporetrip #singaporeinsiders #YourSingapore #VisitSingapore #travelblog #travelblogger #sonya6000 #SonyAlphasClub

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The pasta was topped with honey pork bacon which was inspired by bak kwa.  I was getting really impressed by how Froth infused local delights into its dishes!

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 13

And not forgetting the artistic aspect of it.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 18

Nat went for the Chilli Crab Spaghetti ($26.90++).  Again, chilli crab is so Singaporean! But the twist here was that it was served with soft shell crab.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 14

Nat and I were discussing how they coiled their linguine so nicely in both the SioBak Aglio and Chilli Crab Spaghetti and we both couldn’t figure out the secret.  When I try to make linguine or spaghetti at home, it always comes out a lump of mess.  Zzz…

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 15

Nat let me try a mouth of her chilli crab spaghetti and it was good!! Al Dente and coated with spicy chilli crab sauce – YUMZ!

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 16

Nat’s husband went with the Ponzu Soya Cod ($35.90++).  I didn’t try it so you would have to wait for Nat’s review on how this tasted.  But again, I loved how it was presented.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 17

I ordered the Seafood Tom Yum Risotto ($29.90++) because I loved Tom Yum and was curious to see how it could be infused in a risotto.   I had no regrets ordering this.  The seafood tom yum went so well with the pumpkin risotto!  I never would have imagined a combination like this would work but it did!


The husband went for their Grilled Lamb Rack ($36.90++) which, to be honest, was the most disappointing dish.  We just came back from Hokkaido and over there, my husband had an amazing lamb rack at a Jingisukan restaurant.  In comparison, he said the lamb rack here had too strong a 羊騷味 (ermm.. how do you say this in English? You know, the taste of mutton?).  And I have to agree.  The 羊騷味 here was just too strong for both of us to take.  Though I have to say the lamb rack here was perfect done – so soft and tender!  If they could just do something about the strong 羊騷味 like the jingisukan in Hokkaido, it would have been perfect.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 12

Kids Meals

I mentioned at the start of the post that kids can dine free on weekends at Froth.  This promotion is available for children aged 10 and below, and with every purchase of a main course, one kid will get to enjoy a free kids meal.  The usual price for the kids meal was $8.90++ each.

There were three choices of kids meals available, each came with a cup of juice:

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 39

I ordered a Volcano Mash for MF, partly because he was learning about natural disasters in school and kept coming back to tell us about volcanoes recently.  The boys had a lot of fun pouring the ‘lava’ into the volcano.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 19

Taste-wise, it wasn’t very impressive.  It was just a lot of mashed potato with smoked chicken bratwurst, broccoli and carrots.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 20

For MY, I ordered the Noodle Nest.  Simply because it looked cute.  HAHA!  This dish was supposed to be served with buckwheat soba noodles, but I was told they didn’t have noodles from their usual supplier and replaced it with a different type of noodles that day.  Huh… The noodles we got were a bit disappointing. Being a fan of Japan and Japanese food, I was looking forward to soba and not this strange noodles.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 21

Anyway to be fair to Froth, that was supposed to be a once-off occurence, so this is what the Noodle Nest should look like with the right soba supplier:

Froth-Kid's-mealImage Source: Froth


Nat and Mabel ordered Build-Your-Own Burger which I thought looked the most appetizing among the three kids meals.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 50

Look how Liam enjoyed the burger he built!

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 22

I have no idea how it tasted, but I think Liam’s face said it all.   Kid should be appear on TV commercials, I tell you.  He totally got his mum’s drama-mama genes.  Oh wait, he did appear on a TV commercial before iirc!

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 23

And the best part was the burger was served with fries.   Gosh.. Look at Liam’s face.  I felt like stealing his fries.  But stealing food from a kid was too mean, even by my standards. I left him to enjoy the rest of his meal.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 24

Also worth mentioning was that colouring material and activity sheets were provided for the kids to entertain themselves while waiting for the food.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 51

The boys had some fun doing colouring, mazes and word hunts – customized with questions about the restaurant!

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 41


After everyone finished their mains, it was time for desserts! Mabel ordered the French Toast Waffles ($16.90++) which was so unique! The waffles were first half-cooked in the waffle iron, then coated with french toast batter and deep fried.  Creativity to the max!  But oh, it usually only comes with one scoop of ice-cream.  Additional scoop of ice-cream cost $4.90++ per scoop.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 25

I went for the (boring) Molten Lava Cake ($14.90++) which the boys gave me no chance to take a photo of.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 26

Oh well.. We had to test whether the lava was really molten.  Mabel did the honours and… It was okay.  The lava didn’t exactly gush out the moment she cut it open, but it was molten alright.  The boys devoured it in an instant.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 27

Nat went for the Strawberries and Cream ($13.90++) which looked so pretty!!!

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 28


And we’re still not done!! Moving on to drinks… I started with a hot latte ($5.90++) which was pretty good.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 29

It was served with a chocolate chip cookie which the boys fought over and ended up having half each.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 30

Nat went for the Iced Lychee Tea ($4.90++) which was very refreshing!

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 31

Mabel and my husband both ordered the Speculoos Milkshake ($14.90++).

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 32

I thought the price tag for the milkshake was pretty hefty, but both Mabel and my husband couldn’t stop WOWing over it!  Apparently it was super good.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 42

And at the end of everything, when we were asked if we wanted to have another drink, I simply asked, “Do you have anything that LOOKS super nice that we haven’t already ordered?”  They put up a special request for an iced chocolate with 3D latte art.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 34

EVERYBODY swarmed over with their cameras and phones as if a celebrity had arrived at the restaurant when the iced chocolate was served!

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 35

The 3D latte art survived long enough for everyone to have at least 10 photos of it from various angles on their phones and cameras.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 37

And yes, don’t forget to Instagram it.  Snapchat it.  Whatever you need to do.   I can wait, just like in the IKEA commercial.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 36

And we could finally enjoy our iced chocolate.  What a sweet ending to our sumptuous lunch!

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 38

In Summary…

I loved the fusion concept at Froth, where local food we were familiar with were served with a new twist.

Froth Ascott Raffles Place Blog Review 46

The price was on the higher end of what I would usually pay for a meal, but I do think it was worth the money because the food here was so unique and delicious.  It wasn’t something you could get anywhere else!  Plus the effort that went into the presentation of every dish was definitely worth paying for.  Like I would rather pay $25.90++ for the SioBak Aglio or $26.90++ for the chilli crab spaghetti here, than $20++ at an average italian restaurant for normal *yawnz* pasta.. Know what I mean?

The kids meals disappointed me though.  I really wasn’t impressed by the volcano mash and noodle nest, should have gone with the Build-Your-Own Burger.

If you are visiting Singapore and would like to try Singaporean dishes in an unconventional form, do check out Froth at Ascott Raffles Place!

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Froth - Artistic Fusion Dining @ Ascott Raffles Place Singapore - Bumble Bee Mum

Information on Froth:

Address: Ascott Raffles Place Level 2, No. 2 Finlayson Green, Singapore 049247

Map: Click here for Google map location

Getting There: Raffles Place MRT (EW14 / NS26).  Use Exit I.

Contact number: 6336 1228

Official Website: Homepage | Facebook Page | Instagram


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  1. Mummy Ed says:

    Wow it looks really good! I have not eaten there and should go soon. I did a review of the Ascott rooms previously, very lovely! The building itself is also fascinating – it has historic significance in terms of local architecture, designed in the Art Deco style, not that I really know what that means 😆. They also have an old mail drop, kinda like a mail chute, for all the upper floors, so I thought it was all very interesting for the kids!
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  2. Mandy says:

    I always love seeing the pictures you share from your food adventures. Everything always look so creative. I feel like I never see anything that creative in the states, but then again maybe I don’t go to the right restaurants? I especially liked the kids build-a-burger, the bird nest, and the soup. But that chocolate latte looked pretty good too! And the strawberry dessert! So many choices! I have no idea how you all chose! Looks like a fun day was had by all! 🙂
    Mandy recently posted…10 Sweet Travel Hacks That Improve The Travel ExperienceMy Profile

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Nowadays many restaurants and cafes in Singapore are going all out in terms of food display to make them ‘instagrammable’, so creative food is not all that uncommon in Singapore. But this was pretty in a league above the rest. It wasn’t that hard to choose.. We just asked the restaurant for the prettiest dishes. HAHAHA…

  3. Oh wow! Those really look like pieces of art! I think I’d have a hard time diving into it! :p
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  4. MummyTravels says:

    Wow this sounds pretty incredible – love the pictures and am feeling very hungry. Was getting so intrigued to see what they’d have for kids but I know mine is much happier with something plain. #citytripping
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  5. Ohhh, what beautiful and photo worthy food! I love the little touches on those eggs too – although maybe they are too cute to eat 😉
    Marcella ~ WhatAWonderfulWorld recently posted…The Beauty of Looking DownMy Profile

  6. What a fantastic review. I live in London and the prices actually seem quite reasonable to me, for somewhere that puts so much effort into the dishes. Shame about the lamb, but that linguini does look amazing!
    Nell (the Pigeon Pair and Me) recently posted…The dos and don’ts of train travel with childrenMy Profile

  7. Lauren says:

    These are some crazy creative dishes! Seems like this place is all about the experience! Also seems like the perfect place to bring kids. Those dorito wings really caught my eye. What a great idea! And those little animals in the milk! The pig is the cutest!! Looks like you guys had a great time! 😀

  8. I love eating a plate of food that looks like a work of art. Seems like most tasted delicious too although I couldn’t have eaten the spam .. Reminds me too much of school dinners! We are potentially off to Singapore next year so may try it out! Thanks for linking to#citytripping

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  10. Raimondas says:

    Why lie to people?
    The food is horrible there

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