Top 10 Hokkaido Must-Visit Restaurants (2016 Picks)


It’s been two years since I last wrote my Hokkaido Food Guide and I guess it’s time for an update!  After my fifth trip to Hokkaido this June, I have some new favourite restaurants that I want to recommend to all of you.  Since everyone loves Top 10s, here are my 10 favourite places to eat in Hokkaido based on the past 5 visits.

#1 Akkeshi Gourmet Town Conchiglie (Akkeshi)

Further east beyond the usual tourist track is a small town called Akkeshi which is also known as ‘Oyster Town’ for a good reason.  Head to Akkeshi Gourmet Town where you will find oysters cooked in all styles: Raw, steamed, fried, grilled, in soup etc etc.  If you can’t decide which style to order, go for the all-in-one oyster bento!

Must-Order: Oyster Bento Set

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Map Code: 637 191 592

Website: Homepage |  Tabelog

#2 Panchou (Obihiro)

As much as I love seafood, one of my favourite food in Hokkaido is actually buta don (pork rice bowl).  For the most authentic bowl of Hokkaido buta don, head to the city of Obihiro and look for the place where it all originated – Panchou.

Or you know what, just step into any buta don shop in Obihiro and you are in for a treat! Every shop has their own secret sauce recipe to go with those tender juicy perfectly grilled pork slices.

Must-Order:  The biggest bowl of buta don available

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Map Code: 124 624 026

Website: Tabelog | TripAdvisor

#3 Torimatsu (Kutchan)

For some Anthony Bourdain approved Yakitori, head to Torimatsu at Kutchan, the gateway to Niseko.  Although Yakitori technically means grilled chicken, I recommend going for the grilled pork here instead.   And for something special, order the whole grilled Hakkaku fish.

Must-Order:  Pork skewers, Grilled whole Hakkaku

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Map Code: 385 840 166

Website:  TripAdvisor

#4 Yuigadokuson (Furano)

Imagine a fluffy omelette filled with cheese and rice with a secret homemade curry sauce drizzled over it.   A simple dish like this gets everyone queuing up outside this wooden double-storey establishment – even celebrities have to wait in line.  And the best part: If you can’t get enough of that yummy curry sauce, just bring your plate down to them and they will be happy to pour you more!

Must-order: Omelette + Ox Tongue + Homemade Sausage Curry

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Map Code: 349 032 095

Website: Homepage | Tabelog | Trip Advisor

#5 Go Tsubo (Sapporo)

Blink and you’ll miss it.  The sign at the top of this little hole-in-wall joint says it all.  Grilled oysters for 105yen each.  That’s enough to get me visiting them at least once (usually more than once) each time I am in Sapporo.  If you’re early, you can not only get grilled oysters but also grilled hotate (scallop) and grilled hokki clams, but be warned that they sell out pretty fast.  And don’t forget to get a Japanese beer or sake to go along!

Must-Order: Grilled Oyster

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Map Code: 9 492 205

Website: Tablelog | TripAdvisor

#6 Minshuku Aotsuka Shokudou (Shukutsu, Otaru)

For some crazy fresh and reasonably-priced seafood, get out of Otaru town and head to this restaurant by the sea at Shukutsu Peninsular.  Watch as an assortment of seafood, freshly caught from the nearby sea by the very people running the restaurant, is grilled to perfection right in front of you.  Or choose to have them raw.  Either ways they are perfect.

Must-Order: Grilled Nishin and Nishin Sashimi

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Map Code: 493 842 096

Website: Homepage | TabelogTripAdvisor

#7 Sora (Lake Kussharo)

Atas dining need not be expensive.  At Sora, you can treat yourself to a 5-course set lunch for as low as 2000yen!  Or pamper yourself with an 8-course set lunch for 4500yen. My personal favourite was the 3000yen Nitay set lunch where the main was served on a metal grill.  Pour the sauce (which is served separately) in and watch, hear and smell it as it sizzles at the table!

Must-Order: Nitay Lunch Set

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Map Code: 731 546 439

Website: Homepage | Tabelog

#8 Kita No Gourmet (Sapporo)

You cannot leave Hokkaido without a visit to at least one of their famous seafood markets.  I love Kita No Gourmet at Sapporo partly because they provide free shuttle to and fro hotels in Central Sapporo – so convenient!  But omg, their overflowing Kaisen Don (seafood rice bowl).


Must-Order: Kaisen Don

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Map Code: 9 548 175

Website: Homepage | Tabelog

#9 Kumagera (Furano)

This famous restaurant in Furano has been featured on numerous variety shows around the world.  Photos of celebrities from all over the world don their wall near the entrance. While their signature dish here is the above traditional miso-based nabe with chicken, duck and venision, I personally come here for their beef sashimi rice.  Beef sashimi gives ‘I would like my beef rare’ a whole new meaning.  I dare you to try it!

Must-Order: Beef Sashimi Rice

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Map Code: 349 032 102

Website: Homepage | Tabelog | TripAdvisor

#10 Shokudou Misaki (Shakotan)

When it comes to freshly caught uni (sea urchin) in the fishing town of Shakotan, there is no need to go through a middle man.  The fishermen go out in their boats early in the morning and sell their daily catch of uni in their own restaurants along the coast the Shakotan Peninsular from June to August every year.  The result is extremely reasonably priced uni so fresh you can taste the sea!

But remember to go there early in the morning if you want to taste the prized rare Aka Uni (red sea urchin).

Must-Order: Anything with Aka Uni (Red Urchin)

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Map Code: 932 686 485

Websites: Homepage | Tabelog

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12 Comments on Top 10 Hokkaido Must-Visit Restaurants (2016 Picks)

  1. Kenny
    August 16, 2016 at 10:59 am (2 months ago)

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looking at the photos makes me want to go back there again, and is making me hungrryyyyyyyy……

    thanks for sharing! :)

    • bumblebeemum
      August 16, 2016 at 7:06 pm (2 months ago)

      Tell me about it.. My stomach growls every time I edit Hokkaido food photos! >_<

  2. Christina
    August 16, 2016 at 9:57 pm (2 months ago)

    Hi bumblebeemum, your Japan posts (especially Hokkaido) are really fantastic!
    I will be travelling to Tokyo in early Nov and would like to tour Hokkaido. If I get the JR EAST & West Hokkaido pass, what places would you recommend? Thanks

      • Christina
        August 18, 2016 at 8:49 am (2 months ago)

        Thanks Bumblebeemun! Yes, I got the wrong name. Haha.

        Would you advise if Aomori worth stopping by to spend overnight?

        Also, if I would like to cover Osaka and Hokkaido, would this pass cover the places as well?


  3. MC
    August 28, 2016 at 8:20 am (2 months ago)

    Hi bumblebeemum,
    Thanks a lot for all your informative sharing. Please advice which airport limousine bus should i take if i am staying in APA HOTEL SAPPORO SUSUKINO EKIMISHI? Do both of the airport limousine buses(Hokkaido Chus Bus/Hokuto Kotsu) stop at Susukino Subway Station Exit 4?

    • bumblebeemum
      August 30, 2016 at 4:07 pm (2 months ago)

      The airport limousine bus will stop at where Tokoyo Inn Sapporo Susukino Kosaten is. From there, to get to APA Hotel Sapporo Susukino Ekinishi, you need to walk 600m.

      • MC
        August 31, 2016 at 6:16 pm (2 months ago)

        Hi bumblebeemum,

        Thank you very much for the useful information and immediately response. It is really helpful in planning my Hokkaido trip.

        • MC
          September 19, 2016 at 1:18 pm (1 month ago)

          Dear Bumblebeemum,

          You have shared a new way to search Japanese mapcode by using Google map, it is really very useful. Appreciate your thoughtfulness.

          I have another question to bother you, where should i buy the airport limousine bus ticket in the airport? Inside the bus or there is a counter selling before I get into the bus?

          Thanks in advance and wish you have a wonderful day.

          • bumblebeemum
            September 21, 2016 at 10:27 am (1 month ago)

            Inside the bus. After you board the bus, the driver will come and collect the fee from you.

            • MC
              September 21, 2016 at 12:16 pm (1 month ago)

              Dear Bumblebeemum,

              Thank you very much for your reply.

              Wish you have a wonderful day.


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