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Many years ago when my kids were younger, I was on a mission to visit every single indoor playground in Singapore.  Now, I’m on a new mission to visit every single themed cafe in Singapore.  But visiting themed cafes with just my boys is… not very exciting.  When the theme is not something boyish like Super Heroes or Lego.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 26

Image Credit: Amazingly Still

Using my birthday as the perfect excuse, I dragged a bunch of friends (Mabel from Amazingly Still, May from A Million Little Echoes and Summer from A Happy Mum) with me to Pompompurin Cafe Singapore.  Okay, I didn’t exactly drag them.  They were the ones who decided at 12 midnight while I was sleeping to meet to celebrate my birthday in 11 hours time.   Who plans last minute birthday celebrations at 12 midnight while the birthday girl is sleeping??  Anyway, it all worked out well since we thrive on being impromptu.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 25

Image Credit: Amazingly Still

They were really sporting to play along to my themed cafe craze, especially when none of them even knew what Pompompurin was?

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 01

Truth be told, I was not THAT familiar with Pompompurin either.  I only knew it was one of the famous Sanrio characters, along with Hello Kitty.   And Pompompurin Cafe in Tokyo was originally in my itinerary for my Japan trip last December, but it got over-ridden by Thomas Town.  May commented that Pompompurin looked like a blob of pudding.  And for a while I wondered if it was really a pudding, because ‘purin’ means pudding in Japanese.  Then I googled and found out that Pompompurin was a golden retriever dog who likes to eat pudding.  So we are all clear now on what Pompompurin is.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 08

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore is an official Sanrio themed cafe located conveniently along Orchard Road.  Sanrio-chop-approved themed cafes (or Sanrio-chop-approved anything, even onsens, for that matter) rarely go wrong.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 03

In terms of decor, Pompompurin Cafe Singapore did not disappoint.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 02

We were there at 11am on a weekday once they opened, and were the only customers.  How awesome was that?? One of the reasons I forsake Pompompurin Cafe Tokyo was because I read that it had a notoriously long queue, and my boys didn’t do queues well – especially in winter.  I know it’s mean to be happy that Pompompurin Cafe Singapore wasn’t doing as well, but.. I WAS FREAKING HAPPY CAN?  Coz I was free to take photos of all corners of the cafe!

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 10

Themed lights? Check.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 04

Themed chairs? Check.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 09

Themed booths? Check.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 06

More themed booths? Check.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 07

Themed table setting? Check.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 11

Themed menu? Check.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 15

Highly amused kid? Check.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 05

Good company? Check.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 27Image Credit: Amazingly Still

Alright, time to move on to the FOOD! To me, I don’t care much about the taste of the food at themed cafes.  As long as they are edible.  I value the presentation more.  Themed cafe food should ideally have the theme incorporated in the food, not just served on themed plates, if you know what I mean.   And in this aspect, Pompompurin Cafe Singapore lived up to expectations.

The first dish we ordered was the Taco Rice in a Cup of Friendship ($19.99++).  Seriously.. Why do themed cafe food names have to be such a mouthful! I thought Pokemon Cafe went a little overboard with the names, but Pompompurin Cafe was just the same.


Anyway… I loved the presentation of this Taco Rice in a Cup of Friendship (I just had to repeat it)!  The rice was beautifully shaped into the shape of Pompompurin.  And sitting on his head was I THINK his friend Muffin?  It can’t be that easy to create Muffin out of a ball of cream cheese but okay, I can see the EFFORT.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 17

I thought the taco chips went very well with the salsa, but they only gave like 4 or 5 pieces of nacho chips.  Sad.  Wish they had given more! But on the whole this tasted better than I expected.

The other dish we ordered was sorry-cannot-remember-the-official-fancy-name.  It was written as ‘Beef Stroganoff’ ($18.99++) on the receipt.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 18

GAH.. So cute!! The sauce (which I thought was curry) was not spicy, and MY loved it.  However, the only beef in this dish was Pompompurin’s hat – which wasn’t a lot.  There was no like minced beef in the rest of the sauce.

And in place of a birthday cake, the girls got me this Bagel’s Special Pancake Tower ($21.99++).

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 19

This was one of three dishes on the main menu that came with a souvenir mug that you could bring home.  Yup, the Pompompurin-shaped mup holding the pancake syrup.  But no, you are not supposed to bring the one on your plate home.  They will give you a new one in a box at the cashier when you’re making payment.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 20

I thought the size and shape of the souvenir mug wasn’t very practical compared to the souvenir mug we got from Pokemon Cafe.   But oh well, it would look nice on my display shelf with my Hello Kitty collectibles.   In case you are wondering, these are the menu items that came with the souvenir mug:

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 12 Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 13Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 14

I’m not sure if you noticed, the items that came with the souvenir mug were slightly more blah in terms of presentation.  It’s what I call normal theme-less food but served with sauce in a themed mug.  So we were pretty torn frankly – whether to order a pretty themed item that did not come with a souvenir mug,  or to order a not very pretty item that came with a souvenir mug.  ARGH… Decisions decisions.

But I tell you what.  I am going to come back here another day after 2pm for their high tea set ($49.99++).   Which has pretty themed food AND souvenirs to bring back.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 24

Anyway if you are sucker for souvenirs, feel free to check out the souvenirs on sale next to the cashier.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 23

And before I end off, I just want to remark that I was quite disappointed that the plain water was not served in a themed cup?? Oh well.. At least they don’t charge for water.   Considering how many cafes charge for water these days, I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore Blog Review 21

In Summary…

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore is easily one of the prettiest themed cafes in Singapore.   That alone warrants it a visit at least once.

I have VERY LOW expectations for the taste of food at themed cafes, and I thought Pompompurin Cafe Singapore’s food was not bad at all.  And I love it that they had these limited-time only items!

Which now as I’m writing this I wonder why I didn’t order them?

I suspect this will NOT be my last visit to Pompompurin Cafe Singapore.

Information on Pompompurin Cafe Singapore:

Address: Orchard Central #04-06, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896

Getting There: Somerset MRT (NS23). Use Exit D and take the elevator up to Level 4.

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Opening Hours: 11am to 10.30pm daily (last order 10pm)

Tel: 6509 8672

Official Website: Facebook Page | Instagram

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Pompompurin Cafe Singapore - Bumble Bee Mum

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  1. mmlittlee says:

    Happy Birthday dear friend! Glad we made this PomPom trip because we all had a great time too! Ahhhhhhh so it’s a golden receiver hehehehe he’s a cute little pudding 🙂

    I would have been excited to publish this post too before I retire for bed!

  2. Rachael says:

    Sooooo cute! And Happy birthday!
    Rachael recently posted…Lotus Flowers in Shinobazu Pond – Ueno, TokyoMy Profile

  3. Mabel says:

    Hahahaha! Golden retriever who likes pudding! I would’ve never guessed!

    Glad you had fun and I want to go back for high tea too! Time to start planning!

  4. Rachel G says:

    Looks like you’re doing a pretty good job of completing your goal of visiting all the themed cafes in Singapore! This one has a really cute decor theme, and the food is very creatively designed! When we were in Kuala Lumpur we stopped at the Hello Kitty cafe there and it was adorable!
    Rachel G recently posted…KidZania – Where Kids Act Like AdultsMy Profile

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  6. Sooooo cute!!! I work in Orchard and never even realise that this exist! OMG. I wanna go!!
    Madeline Heng recently posted…Our First Home (1): Master Bedroom & BathroomMy Profile

  7. Umberta says:

    Funny place! ;))
    & happy birthday!!

  8. That’s got to be the cutest taco ever! Do you think you could eat there even if you don’t have children? I’m always so hesitant about such things but it seems like so much fun!

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Of course you can! I have been visiting themed cafes way before I had kids. Lot of teens and young adults like to visit themed cafes with their friends and take tons of selfies while at it.

  9. The cutest food! It (almost) looks too good to be true. I wonder how long it takes for them to produce such cute looking plates! A perfect birthday treat 😀
    Marcella ~ WhatAWonderfulWorld recently posted…Mountains, Waterfalls & Pink SkyMy Profile

    • bumblebeemum says:

      I know right.. So much effort goes into the presentation of the dishes at themed cafes. Which is why I cut them a lot of slack where taste and quality of the food is concerned. :p

  10. What a lovely birthday treat! I’ve never heard of pompompurin either but the decor is really fun. Shame it was a bit light on taco crisps and beef but sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for linking to #citytripping

  11. That place is too cute! I love the theme booths and all of the little details! The food is so cute and I’m happy to hear it didn’t taste too bad either. Looks like a fun place to celebrate a birthday for sure! #citytripping
    Sam | Away She Went recently posted…Travel Tuesday: Vatican CityMy Profile

  12. Isabel says:

    Well happy birthday!! This is such a cool place, i would go craazy!
    Isabel recently posted…10 fun things to do in Prague in 24 hoursMy Profile

  13. You always find the quirkiest places! It’s impressive how much effort they’ve put in to the decor with the booths – shame the food is a bit short of content at times but definitely gold star for presentation. And happy birthday! #citytripping
    Cathy (Mummytravels) recently posted…City Tripping #41My Profile

  14. I love all of these quirky little cafés that you find! You’re right it’s all about the presentation and as long at the food is decent, it’s so worth it! This looks like so much fun and I would love to visit a place like this 😀 Happy belated birthday!
    Lauren Bonheim recently posted…Peruvian Cooking ClassesMy Profile

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