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Last year, Mabel and I visited Collecting Magic: From Stamps to Wand, a Harry Potter themed philatelic exhibit at Singapore Philatelic Museum together. It was then we discovered that we had one more common interest: Harry Potter.

Collecting Magic: From Stamps to Wand @ Singapore Philatelic Museum

Not long after that, Platform 1094, a Harry Potter inspired themed cafe, opened in Singapore. I say Harry Potter INSPIRED, because it was not an official themed cafe.  A bit like Hungry Heroes Cafe (unofficial) rather than DC Super Heroes Cafe (official) kind of cafe.    Come to think of it, Platform 1094 and Hungry Heroes Cafe were just 1.4km apart, so it is possible to do a cafe-hop between the two if this sort of cafe is your thing.

Platform 1094 reminded me of Hungry Heroes cafe.

So, back to Platform 1094.  The name ‘Platform 1094’ was clearly inspired by Platform 9 3/4, but I’m guessing they can’t call it Platform 9 3/4 officially, hence they used the number 1094 from their address, 1094 Serangoon Road.

Mabel was the first to find out about Platform 1094, and she excitedly shared the coverage on The Smart Local about it with me.  We immediately did our usual, “Let’s gooooooooo!” & “Tag @Nat!” thingy.   It’s been too long since our last ‘So Amazingly Bums‘ adventure!

But our excitement was short-lived, as the reality of being a primary-school-kid’s mom hit Mabel and I.  With my kid being in morning session and Mabel’s being in afternoon session, and Nat busy at work, cafe-hopping became pretty low on our priorities.  And Platform 1094 was forgotten by the three of us.

Until… last Thursday? Nat suddenly said that she was on leave the next day.  And we were like, okay, we have to meet up!  Nat said she wanted to go to a cafe where she could take nice photos.  We came up with a bunch of ideas before I suddenly recalled that we haven’t visited Platform 1094 yet! So we came to a unanimous decision: Platform 1094 it shall be.

Let’s begin with a quick video of the fun we had at Platform 1094, starring So Amazingly Bums with guest appearance by Blogfather (whom we ran into while we were there.  Singapore is REALLY small. Like literally.).

The Food

Let’s start with the food.  We did our usual ordering of ‘food that looked nice’ whenever we visited themed cafes.  Starting with the mandatory “Mr Lich’s Flaming Brew” (SGD15), inspired by the gobblet of fire.

Okay no, that didn’t work.  I need to show you the video.  Here you go.



Awesome right? MF was super happy sprinkling cinnamon powder non-stop until the flame went out.  While I was thinking, “Can I still drink it after this?? I’m paying $15 for that, I still want to drink it!” After the flame was extinguished, I wanted to scoop out the cinammon powder, but the staff told me to just drink from the bottom with a straw and it’ll be okay.  OKAY….. I concur.  It actually tasted not too bad even with 50 dashes of cinnamon powder floating at the top.

Next, we ordered “Mrs Lich’s Butterscotch Ale” (SGD10), inspired by butterbeer.  I told Mabel she gotta make that butterbeer moustache. And she did.  I thought the foam they made here was thicker and better for making that butterbeer moustache compared to the butterbeer I had in Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Japan.

Nat ordered a tea (SGD5), where the tea leaves came in a test tube.

Since we were there are tea time, we skipped the mains and ordered some finger food such as their truffle fries and wings.  But they weren’t exactly themed, so I don’t have much to say about them.  Don’t get me wrong, they didn’t taste bad.  They tasted pretty decent, coming from a themed cafe.  But at themed cafes, I value presentation over food.   So the only finger food I felt worth mentioning was the spam fries (SGD8) which was served in a mini cauldron.

We decided to splurge instead on their plated desserts, which promised better presentation.  Starting with the Arendelle (SGD15), which was too sour for my liking.

Followed by the Bloodberry (SGD18), which tasted better than the Arendelle and at least had a chocolate stick which resembled a wand.

On the whole, the food didn’t exactly blow me away, be it in terms of taste or presentation, with the exception of the ‘gobblet of fire’.   I think the ‘gobblet of fire’ was the one thing that made Platform 1094 truly memorable.

The Fun

What Platform 1094 lacked in terms of food, they made up for it with the dressing up section.

There were Harry Potter inspired costumes and accessories that we could help ourselves to.

We even found Harry Potter’s glasses!

The kids (and adults) had fun picking out our costumes.

And of course taking photos non-stop. So yeah, we were here for the photo ops more than anything.  Remember it all started with Nat wanting to take nice photos? Done.

The Menu

The menu at Platform 1094 wasn’t very extensive.  So I have taken photos of the menu while we were there, all four pages of it.  Here you go.

Information on Platform 1094:

Address: 1094 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328192

Getting There: 8 min walk (600m) from Boon Keng MRT (NE9)

Map: Click here for Google Map location

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm

Tel: 6204 6003

Official Websites: Homepage | Facebook Page

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  1. Lolo says:

    What a fun cafe! I would totally go here! #CityTripping
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  2. That would be something for my friend who’s huge Harry Potter fan. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂 #CityTripping

  3. I love that you have so many themed cafes in Singapore – the dressing up at this one sounds fun #citytripping

  4. I’d totally love this place:) #citytripping
    Tanja (the Red phone box travels) recently posted…Postcard from Antibes, FranceMy Profile

  5. The goblet of fire looks awesome (great to see the video). Worth going just for that…plus the cool dress up. Love the pics with you all in Thanks for linking! #citytripping
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  6. What a great sounding cafe and perfect for kids too #CityTripping
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  7. Wherejogoes says:

    Another reason to go to Singapore! My kids would love the potion drink that catches fire and the dressing up. Thanks for sharing with #citytripping
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  8. Sarah Ebner says:

    This looks like such a fun place – I really, really like the idea of visiting, and especially trying out that fiery brew! Brilliant for kids too, even if the food isn’t all so amazing. It looks good though! #citytripping
    Sarah Ebner recently posted…Chocolate Galore at the Hotel Chocolat RestaurantMy Profile

  9. Ah thats a shame like you I would have expected it to blow me away x

    • bumblebeemum says:

      Yeah.. But considering how popular this cafe currently is, they don’t really need much other than that gobblet of fire to draw in the crowds. But I’m not too sure if that’s sustainable, so hopefully there will be better food on the table in future?

  10. Sol Solntze says:

    Actually that looks great, and I wouldn’t call myself a wild Potterhead. Great flaming drink and I love all the cups and mugs too. And also, what a great resource the links to all the other themed cafes are. I wonder if Singapore has an unusually large number? It’s sold me on the city actually!

  11. Vlad says:

    Looks like a cool cafe, I would love to visit it! What was in that blue cocktail, it looks interesting 😀 #citytripping
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  12. Esther Diaz says:

    This is so cute! I’m a big fan of Harry Potter and soon we will be visiting Singapore, definitely will visit this cafe! Love it! 🙂

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